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First up is a first short story by one of our locals. The Seashell

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The blurb-

When Luca is given a vision of a bakery, his family is skeptical.
It goes well until he changes the recipe on his best selling bread.

A new vision promises even more success but only if he can make some happy little clams.

Can Luca manage to save his bakery or will he end up all wet?

It’s a cute little short story!

Next up is CV Walter with the fifth book in her Alien Brides series- Captivating the Alien Captain

The blurb-

Some women aren’t meant to be tamed…
Some men would rather love a wild woman…

Trina’s been in love before and is done with all that nonsense. After a lifetime of not being able to count on anybody but herself, she’s happy with the life she’s created, thank you very much. She’ll love her fabrics, and dote on her grandchildren, but leave the romance to the young and foolish.

Enter Captain Maikedon Cretus.

He’s smart, sexy, and interested in more than Trina’s body… and very interested in that, too.
Careful and patient, he’s laying siege to her heart until the walls she’s built start to crumble. He’s willing to wait as long as he has to in order to win his lady’s love, and it’s not looking like it’s going to be as long as she thought…

Until the alien dress Trina is altering for the wedding of the century turns up questions and a story of betrayal. Can they work together to solve the mystery and lay to rest an Emperor’s dark past, or will the tangled web of woven lies and truth tear them apart?

Next up is Peter Nealan with book ten in his Brannigan’s Blackhearts series- Blood Debt 

The blurb-

Mercenaries strike a hidden base…

…But it’s a trap.

Now they have only one hope – Brannigan’s Blackhearts

When Mitchell Price’s black bag team hit a mysterious former Soviet military base in Kyrgyzstan, they thought they knew what they were in for. They’re professionals, and they’ve been on this hunt for a long time.

But things can go bad in a heartbeat.

Now with the team dead or captured, one man knows where they are, and he’s going to have to convince Brannigan’s Blackhearts to help. He’s not just going to hire them, though. He’s coming with them.

Dan Tackett is coming out of retirement.

And he and the Blackhearts are about to venture into the heart of darkness in Central Asia.

You’ll love this action thriller because it moves as fast as a bullet!

Get it now.

Next is Sarah Hoyt’s newest excursion, the comic Barbarella #6 is out

The blurb-

Of all the creatures in the known universe, none is more dangerous than a species known variously as the planners, the architects or the controllers. (Really, they need to get better interplanetary language translators, is what it is.)

It is customary for the young of their kind to pick a creature from another species to herd towards a glorious future that fits their species’ plan.

Vix, a very promising youngster has picked…. Barbarella.


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    • Yeah … been following the series. Sarah did a great job … Oh, and the new “Tales” anthology is just plain great. Congrats!

  1. I wonder if the words, “It’s a trap!” will ever be heard in my mind without being said by Admiral Ackbar.

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