Heart of a Child…

Just caught this song…

It’s worth the time to take a listen. And the kids ARE really the ones that are suffering…

I just don’t know what we can do, since it seems everyone in a position of power is against the kids going back to school even if they are forced to take the ‘vaccine’…

And the irony of homeschooling is that some states, like Commiefornia, now say the ONLY valid homeschooling is what THEY prescribe/approve… Grrr


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  1. If a student woke up and said “I don’t want to go to school,” parents make them (usually). If teachers don’t want to go to school, local governments seem to shrug their shoulders and say “Ok.”

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  2. My daughter has been struggling through 4th grade all year, she gets good grades but fails the tests. The teachers have been blaming the year of virtual learning sayin it put all the students behind. I just found out that the reason the grades are good is the teacher walks the whole class through each problem on their homework before they turn the home work in And the students write the answers down on their homework.. I asked my daughter why she didn’t tell us they were doing this, no one will learn if they don’t do the work themselves. She was just confused and said that is what they have always done so she didn’t know there was a problem with it. I think at this point it would be better to just homeschool her and any child unless the education system is gutted and rebuilt with the children’s education in mind and not the teachers union looking good.

    • Your daughter is in the fourth grade. How could she know anything was wrong? And, even if she’s one of those rare birds that intuitively understands that something isn’t quite right here, she lacks the experience, analytical skills, and authority to put her fears into words adults will listen to and understand.

      She’s not the one at fault. Put her in private school, or start home schooling her. Watch what happens.

  3. I’m surprised that Liberals aren’t pushing more against home schooling.
    The HSLDA and other groups have done a good job of lobbying and lawyering to make districts allow it and follow state rules. I’m sure that there will be pushback on any attempt to change it in Cali.

    • They are all for homeschooling as long as all the tax money stays with the schools and the teachers get to show up (or not) and still get paid.

      • Nailed it.

        Education hasn’t been about education for years. I graduated high school in 1970 – barely. My first semester of college I couldn’t believe the difference in the quality of education. After pondering this contrast in quality for a day or two, my question was: Why are the parents tolerating this?

  4. Honestly, this may be a blessing in disguise.

    Teachers already have been flinching at the prospect of mom or dad poking their head in to see what the kid is learning. They REALLY don’t like that.

    • I’ve seen that first hand. Teachers flatly refuse to allow the parents to monitor a class in any fashion at all.

      I was lucky, in a way. When my 8th grade history ‘teacher’ proclaimed that the U.S. should never have dropped the bomb on Japan, I took it home and tossed it out in the middle of breakfast. After the dust settled, my father gave me the obvious return: “We dropped one, and when that didn’t achieve the desired effect, we dropped another one. If those g*d****d japs were going to surrender, they’d have done it right away.”

      Which I took to school and was subsequently sent to the principal’s for insolence. As it turned out, our principal served in War 2, so… I heard a few war stories and came to understand that the man wasn’t really mean, he was disciplined.

    • Life DOES increasingly seem like an episode of The Outer Limits, or The Twilight Zone, doesn’t it?

  5. The ones who are struggling will be hurt the most, hence we should forgo standardized testing, ignore grades and give positions to those who have failed at life. The African Americans will always do worse than any other. “They” blame “racism” but gore the fact that those that the African tribes sold into the International Slave Trade were those deemed to be useless and non-productive. We should expect nothing better than ghettoes from the descendants of those failures. It isn’t “race”, it is the product of the original selection process. The founding population was selected as “trash” and that characteristic is at the core of the condition of their descendants.

    America gave everyone the opportunity to succeed or fail on their own merits. Some may benefit from help in school. Most will inherit the characteristics of their founders.

  6. I have a friend, retired high school teacher of 30 years, who is disgusted.She believes schools are for preparing students for life and that includes shop classes, home Ec classes and other life skills. She spent her last few years as the superintendent and made sure those classes were available.

    • Good for her. Home ec should be required for all. I didn’t take it, even though it was offered, because I thought it was beneath me. Fortunately, Mom sewed and taught me the basics. I always enjoyed watching cooking shows, so that helped immensely. And I’ve picked up a handful of other skills along the way. But a lot of those skills aren’t being passed on. Kids need that instruction.

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