Well, we ‘know’ which side the liberals on SCOTUS are on…

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics, and OSHA mandates…

Obviously Sotomayor and Breyer don’t care about lying to their peers or the public, and sure as hell don’t understand numbers/statistics…

Here’s Sotomayor… Proven false from the get go… And what is she doing worrying about policy/medical issues rather than COURT issues.

And Breyer basically said exactly the same thing about vaccine and the omicron variant. 750,000,000 infections A DAY??? That is twice the population of the USA!!!

Roberts, on the other hand, asked what I believe is a critical question.  “How much power should the executive branch have? And what about State’s rights?”

Even Biden and his handlers admitted the whole vaccine mandate is unconstitutional, but they did it anyway, hoping to shove it through before anybody could object, and get big business to go along with it.

This goes back ‘at least’ to Obama, if not considerably farther with the whole “I have a pen and a phone.”

Congress has been notably incompetent/absent on a number of critical issues for a long time. DACA, Immigrants, State’s rights, Search and seizure, national concealed carry, et al… ALL of these SHOULD be handled by the congresscritters, not dumped on the courts, or given to the executive branch to handle (or fumble).

This is not even to get into the whole Fort Fumble/CDC/Fauci mess, where they change the recommendations based on pushback NOT on science! And moving the goalposts yet again…

Apparently the ‘new’ CDC definition of fully updated and vaccinated is three doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna’s vaccines should be considered “up-to-date” inoculations, and that Johnson & Johnson recipients should receive a second dose, preferably of Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech, to also be considered up to date.

Full article, HERE.

I just wonder how long it will be before these ‘new’ goalposts get moved again, or revised ‘again’…

And it appears Citigroup is going ahead with firing unvaxxed effective 14 January…

No jab, no job: Citigroup to fire unvaccinated staff this month – memo

Full article HERE, from Reuters.

I’m just glad I’m retired and in Texas where I don’t have to put up with that crap. I’ve taken the basic doses, but that’s it, based on the asschewing from my cardiologist… sigh


Well, we ‘know’ which side the liberals on SCOTUS are on… — 27 Comments

  1. Even IF the numbers were correct
    This is America and I’m not someone’s fukking COW.

    • Fauci would correct your statement – you are NIH’s cow. That’s simply how you’re viewed in the New World Order.

  2. YOU STUPID, Dumb-Assed lying Tea-Party, Socialist Republicans want to blame Joe Byeden, but we should be blaming the Socialist Democrats who put that Lying Douchbag who Shits in his pants Biden in the Presidency. Just ask Jussie Smollett. He knows how the Republicans Lie! And ask Kamala Harris, she’s been around long enough to know the score!
    Joe Byeden and his Son Hunter are very GOOD GUYS, They Both worked with China to bring the virus to to a End, But Donald Trump held them back, Mailing up all those stories about Joe Byeden’s son’s Laptop Computer and other Stuff.
    The Tuump’s are the ones who are running this country into the ground. Just look at what Donald Trump did in Afghanistan with that idiotic Withdrawal!

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    The Executive Branch will push and push until there is pushback because they are on a mission to transform this country as fast as they can and they will use “Fear Porn” to do it before people realize what is happened and their rights are gone, and their currency is devalued massively through inflation and the wealth of the middle class is gone and everyone is poor and depending on the .gov for assistance, then utopia has arrived so our betters can tell us how we are supposed to live while they have a different standard because they earned it by their education and connections.

    P.S. Birdie is off his meds, LOL

  4. According to political scientists, the US no longer has three branches of government, but four: Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and the executive branch agencies. That would tend to explain a lot of the mission creep (or mission leap in some cases) that’s been observed.

  5. “Congress has been notably incompetent/absent on a number of critical issues for a long time. DACA, Immigrants, State’s rights, Search and seizure, national concealed carry, et al… ALL of these SHOULD be handled by the congresscritters, not dumped on the courts, or given to the executive branch to handle (or fumble).”


  6. I’m sorry but I thought that SCOTUS was to decide if a law or regulation was legal based on the Constitution of the United States.
    Does the Executive branch have the power to mandate a vaccine to people in the private sector or not? One case or millions of cases makes no difference to the question.

  7. This tells you everything you need to know;
    Sotomayor even wondered, “Why is a human being not like a machine if it’s spewing bloodborne viruses?”

    Two years in, and she’s suggesting it’s a bloodborne virus?

    Then why the masks?

  8. Only way to win is not to play.

    To paraphrase Marko Kloos; “America’s motto should be “You’re not the boss of me”.

    I resemble that remark. It’ll be a cold day in hell when I get The Jab.

  9. I’ve said before President Trump’s legacy is the many Federal Judges he got appointed. Let us hope the two he got appointed to the Supreme Court can carry the day for the country.

  10. Congress and the Executive branch do not care for
    Constitutionality, they leave that up to the courts, where they have a better than even chance of winning. The system only works if the courts uphold the constitution, which they do not (States rights? we know Federal law blah blah according to Kamala)

    • Hey NFO,
      TXRed hit on the new “Mandarin Class”, you should go meet your new boss, he’s alot like the old bureaucrat boss, but with more power and better Mandarin Class connections via think tanks and where he lives and sends his kids to school.

  11. Only six percent of Independent Voters say Biden’s win was “definitely legitimate” this was reported in a new National poll that was run by CBS.. Anyone who honestly believes the bumbling fool in the White House could win a legitimate election needs their head examined.
    They also believe that the entire election was RIGGED, as was the media’s coverage during the election. RIGGED. The news blackout on Trump’s accomplishments in office was also RIGGED as it was so limited , but the phony impeachments and wild accusations and investigations by Madam Pelosi poured out like the Gormet Wine she was drinking.

    Also they believe that out of the Blue, a miracle late night surge of Biden votes from nowhere! Like a Blue Light Shining Brightly from above, the Biden Votes came storming in.
    If you really believe that Dumber than Dumb Joe Biden, who couldn’t even get a Hundred people to attend his “Rallies” but was able to get 81 Million people to vote for him. Another Miracle? Only the Shadow Knows!

  12. If the SCOTUS says that the admin can mandate “vaccines” then there is no reason the admin would not mandate anything else for any reason they came up with. This would immediately be a cause for CW2 as the Constitution is gone.

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