Funny that…

Seems like we HAD this discussion well over a year ago, if not longer…

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul started requiring hospitals to specify whether a hospitalized COVID patient was admitted with COVID symptoms or something else and just happened to test positive. The early results are in, and in New York state, 43% of patients listed as COVID hospitalizations did not list the virus as an admission diagnosis. They simply tested positive on the compulsory testing for all patients. In New York City alone, 51% of those listed as COVID hospitalizations have admissions diagnoses that do not include COVID.

Full article, HERE.

Remember the gunshot victims??? HERE.

Or the motorcyclist? HERE.

And a lot of questions over the last 2 years…

And the CDC even tried to explain it and how they calculated it, HERE.

Colorado actually ‘revised’ their numbers, dropping the death count significantly, HERE.

This is becoming even more of an issue now, with Omicron being much milder, but the MSM and others continue to ramp up the fear factor. I saw an interesting comparison yesterday of pandemics vs. death rates, went back to use it here, and it’s nowhere to be found. Sigh…


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  1. Making it more fun, picking vivid 19 from the others in its family and the related flus is like:

    Getting the right song by KC and the Sunshine Band from 2 bars of music,

    Or the same for any one of the ’90s boy bands.

  2. I’m a little surprised that the strict governess would allow that policy to stand with the numbers not showing in favor of the Covid regime. When are they going to stop that counting and explain how anyone who says that’s what happened is spreading lies and misinformation?

  3. From this point on, every change in policy must be self-supporting.

    For example, any authority ruling that hospital admissions must be coded a certain way, must also show that the cost of the plan will be covered by a new, voluntary revenue enhancement initiative.
    Sales of coffee cups, for example. Or T-shirts. Baseball caps. Anything which will carry your message, and provide enough revenue to cover all costs of policy re-direction.
    Any shortfall in coffee cup sales will result in a payroll deduction for all persons responsible for the change in policy. Appeals will not be considered; the responsibility for enforcing the act shall rest with the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress. Revenue will be collected by the House Ethics Committee.

  4. Ed- LOL, they have no idea where the money went…

    PK- Point!

    Hereso- Good question and no good answer here

    Pat- De Coof was ‘good’ for the hospitals LOTS of money as soon as that was the diagnosis…

    • De Coof was very good, when else during a ‘world-wide health panic’ could hospitals justify laying off or outright firing a good portion of the support staff and the medical staff, shut down the ‘hospital pays for it eventually’ ER and other public programs?

      De Coof was/is a beancounter’s wet dreams. Fed money raining like a monsoon in India, whole sections of hospitals shut down, the remaining staff seemingly making money doing you-tube and tik-toc videos and not expensive hospital medical stuff…

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    The “Fear Porn” is good for certain businesses and politicians, they have a open checkbook and unlimited power thanks to the effect and they will push it as long as they can.

  6. I read that RCMP letter all the way through. Definitely worth the time to do so.

  7. I’m with Beans.

    And for what it’s worth, hasn’t COVID lifted the corrupt and stinking underbelly of our beloved overlords for, almost, all to see?