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Two new books by friends today!

First up is Mike Watson’s newest book in the 1632/Ring of Fire world- The Marshals

The blurb-

The New United States is about to join the United States of Europe, becoming the State of Thuringia and Franconia. The Thirty Years’ War is still being waged. Armies cross and re-cross the German states. With war comes lawlessness, and with lawlessness comes the need for law and order.

Who can fill this enforcement niche better than three retired old soldiers, known to down-timers as the Die Drei Alten Soldaten? Archie Mitchell, Harley Thomas, Max Huffman, retired US Army Master Sergeants who, with their apprentice, Dieter Issler, use their up-time experience as Deputy Sheriffs, to become the first Marshals of the newly created District Court system of the SoTF.

The Marshals are little known until Thomas Bloem and his sister, Maria D’Angelo, brother and sister journalists, arrive to interview them. They record the formation of the Marshal’s Service and the three Marshals, from their first case as Marion County Deputy Sheriffs, until they leave Grantville to provide law and order throughout the State of Thuringia and Franconia.

Mike has done some short stories around these characters, and in that world for Eric Flint’s Grantville Gazette and now has a complete and very well done novel in the world.

Next up is Peter Grant’s new western and new series, Annals of Ash- Wood, Iron, and Blood

The blurb-

Sometimes wanderlust skips a generation… but when it strikes, it strikes gold.

In 1852, fourteen-year-old Jeremy Ash rises to his grandfather’s challenge and sets out on the adventure of a lifetime – the California Trail.

It’s four deadly months and 1,600 merciless miles from the Missouri River to the goldfields of the Sierra Nevada. There’s alkali water that’ll poison you; desert heat that’ll fry your brains; mountain passes that’ll crush you; swarms of biting insects that’ll drive you mad; deadly diseases that’ll plague you; and warrior tribes that may make it lethally clear they don’t want you there.

Will the California Trail kill Jeremy, like so many others before him? Or will it make a man out of him? 

This one snuck up on Peter, and his muse drove him like a rented mule! It’s a great read!


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  1. I finished Peter’s book last night, and it is a very good read. I also appreciated the history that was put into it.

  2. When Eric Flint said anyone who had any issue with the obviously as all HELL *stolen* election shouldn’t waste their hard-earned money money on his books… well, I’ll oblige. And if ox too slow, Larry “forensic accountancy was my freaking JOB” Correia had issues of the “THAT much smoke, there DAMN WELL IS A FIRE” so there. Heartburn? Kiss me under my tail!

    • Eric Flint has never hidden that he’s a socialist. What is ironic is that his 1632 universe is capitalist. Eric may be a socialist but the other writers in his universe, myself included, aren’t.

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