Off doing research…

Getting geared up for the second in the new western series, so my visit up to Amarillo! Specifically to the panhandle plains historical museum. These are some of the original brands of Texas ranches that surround the main doors.


And this is one that got pulled for us, an 1860’s Colt Pocket Police! It’s in excellent shape for its age! Yes, it’s been well used, and no, they didn’t have front sights.

It is .36 caliber, and was literally carried in a front pocket of men’s trousers. The pockets were much deeper, and, lined with leather, became a suitable holster. Or they were carried in a jacket pocket.

The rest of the pics won’t mean anything, as they were close ups of various implements.

Go read the folks on the sidebar, I’ll be back to regular blogging on Tuesday.


Off doing research… — 17 Comments

  1. Sounds like a fun trip. Smooth roads, fine weather and tasty meals hopefully along the way.

  2. The pocket pistol era started earlier than I thought.

    I have a pair of Navy Arms reproductions in .44 caliber, and even the outdoor range was mostly fogged up after putting 12 rounds downrange while trying two handed shooting.
    (I found that alternating aimed shots weren’t terrible, but as much as blazing away with twin black powder single actions was fun, it was a poor gun fighting technique.)

    • I think you’re supposed to be riding and shooting. That way the gun smoke doesn’t collect in one spot and make target acquisition difficult.

      Or something.

  3. McC- Will do!

    Ed- Oh yeah…

    Jrg- Now that the wind has laid down, we are getting that!

    John- LOL, yes, blind shooting was a thing with multiple rounds of black powder…

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Enjoy the roadtrip and the gathering of information, and we will see you down the road.

  5. Have a great time!

    I read somewhere that gents used to put wax inside the pocket where they carried their pistol. I suppose they might have. My G-Grandfather carried his .38 in a holster while he was out West.

  6. Great pic of the brands!!

    Never realized pocket holsters existed then, and that is true pocket holster, leather lined. Wow.

  7. I spent many hours in that museum while growing up. Haven’t been there since the early 70’s.

  8. Happy Trails!

    The 1862 Colt Pocket Police normally did have a front sight,though it may have been filed down by some gunsel seeking a snag-free draw. The front sight on mine looks like one from an 1851 Navy, but a bit smaller.

    Great little guns, though Colt only managed to make about 20,000 between their introduction and 1873, when that line was stopped. It onlu weighs about 26 ounces. One of the fans of the PP was William Quantrill.

    If you want to try one and are in San Antonio sometime, you can try my replica. They’re fun: normal powder charge was just 15-17 grains in those little chambers.

    Dirty Bob

  9. “It’s in excellent shape for its age!”
    Hummm? Nope, too easy.
    Have a nice trip.

  10. I wish I was down that way, rather than dealing with snow and ice falling from the sky and piling up on the ground.

  11. Dude, the PPHM is easily a two day visit. Charles Goodnight’s Ranch is also right of 287 on the way to and from Amarillo. If haven’t been to Palo Duro canyon read up a bit on that as well. (There’s also the National American Quarter Horse museum that might also be useful for future works. I’ll get off my soap box now.)

    Enjoy the trip.

  12. I see that Bayou Renaissance Man is also up in that neck of the woods researching also. You wouldn’t be hanging around together would you?