New Rimworld is up!!!

Rimworld- Diplomatic Immunity is now live on Kindle!

Click on the cover for the Amazon link!

The blurb-

Fargo’s latest attempt at quiet retirement is going haywire quickly.

Hiding the officially missing Dragoon heir at his cabin is about to get interesting.

A GalPat change of command brings new attention to his militia and their capabilities, just as he’s falsely accused of murder. Facing a stacked prosecution, he finds that friends have hidden abilities when they come to his aid, including hiding the heir.

When he comes back out, he’s got an agenda and an heir to get home in one piece… A young man thought lost, whose homecoming will shake an entire empire. And hopefully Fargo will survive the experience.

The paperback version will follow in probably three or four days. Please review it, HONEST reviews are appreciated.


New Rimworld is up!!! — 14 Comments

  1. Got it this morning (thanks, Cedar!) and am enjoying it. Oh, the name dropping goodness. I forgot about the nefarious President Klynton.

    One style problem. There.. are far… too… many ellipses… in… odd places. This is completely unlike your other novels. I suspect gremlins.

  2. About time! 🙂 Bought and downloaded. I got work but taking a lunch break and read a little. Gulp. I hope I can stop reading after 1, or 2 or 3, … chapters

  3. Bought it and read it (I am something of a glutton when it comes to reading).

    I need to write reviews. I am horribly lazy in that regard.

  4. The quick twitch muscle training paid off.
    I read the magic incantation, “…. is now live on Kindle.”
    And in a space of time so small that only sensitive instruments could measure it, I had clicked twice and the book is on the way to the Kindle.

    As JaimeInTexas said, I must pace myself.

  5. McC- Those are ‘hesitations’ in the conversation or thoughts.

    Jamie- Thanks!

    Toast- Hope you liked it!

    John- Thank you!

  6. Bought, will read between bouts of getting my book ready to publish.

  7. Got it yesterday. Read it yesterday. Now I have to wait for the next one!!

  8. Read it on KU and there were a couple of duplicate paragraphs when they were dropping off Ton at his family’s compound. Otherwise, nice job.

  9. All thanks! Jason, I’ll see if I can find that. I ‘thought’ we’d fixed all the dupes.

  10. OldNFO, I finished reading it and will soon leave a review (after I sleep on it).

    A question, you put “The End” at the end of the epilogue, is this the concluding book of the series?