Mea culpa…

Mea cupla, mea maxima cupla…

We screwed up yesterday on the YouTube live stream!

LawDog and I put out that the ‘new’ vax mandate DID apply to truck drivers.

And we were wrong!!! h/t to Regan for the correction.

OSHA clarified vax mandate wouldn’t apply to most truck drivers just before rule was stayed by SCOTUS

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration updated its FAQ with new information about truck drivers related to the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) that could require workers at companies with 100 or more employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

A lawsuit challenging the ETS was decided in favor of staying the OSHA’s rule by the Supreme Court on Thursday, January 13, just days after OSHA began enforcing the ETS on Jan. 10. The agency had said in a statement that it would not issue citations for noncompliance with its vaccination or testing requirements before Feb. 9, as long as employers exercised “good faith efforts” to come into compliance with the ETS — efforts which are moot given the court’s ruling. 

Full article HERE from Overdrive.

But, even with that, the shelves ARE getting barer by the day… dammit…

If you haven’t got at least some food back for emergencies, I’d strongly recommend you hit the store when you can. Winter is coming, and on top of everything else, who knows what that is going to bring as far as services/delivery/stocks of supplies.


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  1. Canada didn’t eliminate the vaccination requirement for truck drivers and they are p!ssed.Trudeau claims any reports they would be exempted was a ” miscommunication”. people here are worried just how much this will affect the transportation chain for foodstuffs. Our government makes Biden look competent.

  2. Schneider trucking is closing down their Ontario operation. There’s not even a way to change out drivers or loads at the border so the Canadians are well and truly screwed even more than we are.

  3. When do local mandates apply to truck drivers?
    There is such a patchwork of local rules, especially on the coasts, that it will still make long haul trucking a hassle.

    It probably got taken down, but there was a great article about how some cultures approach prepping more intensely than others based in part on whether or not the phrase means:
    – Oh nice, there will be new migrant birds and fishes coming into our area so we will enjoy a change in diet, also, a different set of orchids will be coming into bloom soon, and different edible plants will come into season,
    – A shadowy notion of ancient, primordial dread urges you to take stock of all stored things: of stacks of firewood, how much hay in the loft, eggs sealed in water glass, crocks of pickled vegetables and salted meats, dried herbs for spices, grains and flours for hard tack, a passing pleasant thought of aging of fermented fruit and grain beverages, ale, beer, mead, cider, and cyser, followed by preemptive maintenance chores: rooves and wall corners checked for watertightness, caulking around doors and window frames, tarps tightened down over things which cannot be stored indoors, re-pointing of brickwork and chimney flashing, whether food and feed containers are proof against rodents, and mending of any holes or weak spots in blankets, heavy clothing, boots, and socks.
    The article closed by hinting that this divergence of thought explained why certain annoying nudnicks believe that prepping is somehow inherently racist.

  5. Shelves in the local supermarket are already showing serious shortages. NO regular cream cheese. ONE flavor cream cheese (I hope you like strawberry) One brand of sausage. NO fresh chicken. NO frozen potatoes. Half the frozen vegetable section is empty. Canned vegetables showing serious empty sections. 3 frozen turkeys instead of the usual 20 or so.
    Talking to the employees they have been warmed by management to expect worse and that due to lack of work they may start furloughing some workers.

    • carlton: Yup, gaps on shelves here, too. No powdered auto dish detergent of any brand.

      I’m in Cheese Central, er, I mean Wisconsin. The local newspaper had a big article about the cream cheese crisis prompting bakeries and delis to double their usual orders trying to get enough as the trucks were arriving with half of the usual. I scurried to the store expecting to see empty shelves (the bakers, etc. were raiding the shelves) and found… filled to the max with all the usual choices. Huh.

      Chicken! OMG, there’s no…waitaminnit. The signs above the coolers declared “Apologies, due to supply chain etc.”. Full as usual. Huh.

      Nevertheless, I’ve been making regular restocking runs and the freezers are full. Just in case, y’know.

  6. Yep- Cross Canadian border is still a no go. Not sure about ports in LA, but they WERE a no go last month. Thanks for the comments, and stocking up is good anyway.