WAY back in the day… early 70s, no it’s not me in the picture, but I got to ‘enjoy’ Warner Springs in January going through SERE training… Brrr… War Criminal #25!!!

And yes, the damned rattlesnakes were PROTECTED!!! Cost us our stew… sigh

Vintage Gary Larson toon…

These were always fun, when you ‘hung’ a sonobuoy on a ‘playmate’ and listened to it banging down the hull… 🙂




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  1. I know fishing nets and crab pots snag submarines but the nets and pots usually come out second best.

  2. Warner Springs, what happened to that tshirt from spring 72?

  3. Phil- At least it was warm!

    Gerry- True! Friend of mine was a sub CO, ‘caught’ all kinds of things…LOL

    SoCal- Strange how we remember stuff like that, isn’t it…

    SCPO- I don’t know.

  4. Yep, did my fine dining there summer of ’67. The one spoonful of spam was delicious!

  5. Flugel- Ouch…

    R- I don’t honestly know either. Sorry. And yes, I remember reading about the Chilean sub.

  6. Speaking of throwbacks, I just read about the THrifty ROman numeral BAckwards looking Computer (THROBAC), a desk calculator for doing arithmetic with Roman numerals built in 1953.

  7. I worked with a guy who was the crew chief on Marine 1, during George H.W. Bush’s presidency. He did SERE training in New England, I thought that he told me Rhode Island, but it could have been a different state.
    He said that just before they were scheduled to return to their base, or wherever they were stationed, a huge blizzard snowed them in, for an entire week, so they got to enjoy the hospitality of the hosts for a whole extra week of training in the fun and games.