Power is out

No post for you folks, go read the folks on the side bar. Power supposed to be back on in 2 to 3 hours, but I’m going to bed because it’s cold.


Power is out — 14 Comments

  1. Stay warm! This just reinforces my ‘must have fireplace’ when we buy a house again.

  2. All- LOL, first it was one block, then two, then a bunch more… finally came back on about 0130. I flipped off the light and went back to sleep…

    • If they got howling north winds like we got up in the Panhandle, well, the governor’s building a wall on the wrong border. (Or someone left a gate open in Alberta. Again.)

  3. We lost power for ’bout 2 hours last night.
    Well, our neighbors lost power.
    The generator we had installed last October kicked right in.
    The main road at the foot of the hill has been blocked most of the day by police and fire trucks attending the utility crews replacing transformer(s).
    High winds last night. 45 in town. 70+ up on the ridge lines.

  4. DW- This was probably a transformer and a shunt that also let go… sigh

    Stretch- Glad it was down the hill, not on your property!