And now it begins…

Elon Musk is officially buying Twitter!

And of course the left is coming after him, first and foremost Jeff Bezos…

Amazon founder and former CEO Jeff Bezos on Monday mulled whether China has gained leverage over what happens on Twitter now that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has secured a $44 billion deal with the social media company. 

Full article, HERE from Fox News.

And there was this…

Twitter explodes over plenty of news, but perhaps never to the degree it did Monday over the news of its stunning $44 billion sale to Elon Musk, the world’s richest man.

The tech wizard, entrepreneur, and self-described free-speech absolutist is set to take the company private after the board accepted his monumental offer, and the takes came flying in left and right, from fear of the idiosyncratic billionaire’s coming changes to anticipation over certain deleted accounts returning to shrugs at Twitter making a bigger deal out of itself than it really is.

Full article, HERE.

I’m going to go pop more popcorn and just sit back and watch… LOL


And now it begins… — 14 Comments

  1. yeah, Elon Musk sure gather a lot of attention, both sides of the aisle. Will be interesting to see if Musk follows through on ‘free speech being absolute’ – too many people who feel the opposite do not want that attention put on this issue. Its like Trump’s election and usual U.S. politics – the difference may be too much to handle for some.

  2. Will this have a “butterfly” effect?
    It may.
    At the very least it will flush out those needing “safe space”.
    And we need to know who those people are.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    The lefties on twitter are upset, they are losing one of their “Echo Chambers”, something that was their territory and we know that lefties are territorial, strange being commie pinko’s and all.

  4. Read complete text of Bezo’s comments please. He basically says that China not involved and that Musk will be able handle all complexities involved in this purchase. I find I have to read all of news item instead of just looking at the “gotcha” comment

  5. In these days of RINOS it is increasingly difficult to decide whether someone is a “white hat” or a “black hat”. On the face of it this takeover and the stated motives are good news. Time will tell, any changes will be there for all to see.

  6. Pass the popcorn.

    The racket you’re hearing are all the Lefty heads exploding in Ohio, particularly Columbus. For my part, I think we’ll see meaningful change in three months or so.

  7. I wonder what restrictions state or federal governments will put on this purchase? I can see them attempting to require censorship under a guise…

  8. All- Good points, and it’s just one more step in Musk becoming the ‘evil overlord’ we’ve all been waiting for… LOL At least until he goes home to Mars…

    Chris- I have to disagree. The fact that Bezos even MADE the comment is an attempt to muddy the waters and call the purchase and control into question.

  9. We must protect free speech by controlling all speech. It’s what the Leftists say. And believe.

    Now a crack has appeared in their thought prison. Mayhaps the crack will expand and collapse the prison walls.

  10. I’m not certain that there’s enough popcorn in the US for what’s coming! But I plan on watching all the meltdowns, rants, raves and so on with great joy.

  11. Bezos is a hypocritical little bitch who has willingly allowed himself to be bent over and used like a two-bit whore by the Chinese.