1000 words… — 11 Comments

  1. But Dead Eye Psaki says that the President is concerned about the influence of social media companies. Can a resurrection of Section 230 cries be far behind? Will the D party rewrite the legislation so that it only affects Twitter, much like the NY City council wrote legislation that only applied to one particular President? Will the R party that wanted to restrict leftist social media (but I repeat myself) jump on board with legislation restricting neutral social media in order to avoid be labeled by the media as hypocrites? Only time will tell.

    • Heresolong, Sadly, all of what you write is not out of the question.

  2. I’m hopeful that Elon will actually straighten out the ‘free speech’ mess at Twitter. In other places, we have to punch back at those who think that only speech they like should be heard and speech they don’t like is ‘violence’ and worthy of a violent response.

  3. I do not undrtstand how so many people became so brainwashed as to think free speech a threat to their happy existence.

  4. Ramirez is the best editorial cartoonist, always right on the money. Plus he draws well. Very reminiscent of Jeff MacNelly.

  5. Musk is a very smart and energetic guy but no one knows what his plan/interest is. He has played within complex organizations and within the swamp. We will see.