Is jumping up and smacking folks in the face as far as food costs are going…

Kat sent this one out yesterday…

Eight months ago- $5

Six weeks ago- $8.58


Yep, you read that right- $13.56!!!

And there was this one in our little rural town yesterday…

And Peter ‘might’ have said something about firing up the grill… Sadly I was down at the Post working, otherwise… Sigh…

Off to Tulkon for a couple of days up in Tulsa. Blogging will be light and commenting lighter. Go read the folks on the sidebar.

Last but not least, say a prayer for New Jovian Thunderbolt’s family. He succumbed to cancer a couple of days ago.


Reality… — 14 Comments

  1. Here that box of eggs is brown and over $14.
    And it’s lower quality than it used to be.
    Gas prices are “down” to $4.30, how have your prices been?
    I’ve started to see people selling their toys – dirt bikes, side by sides, bug trucks, etc. So far they’re asking LOTS of money, but I suspect prices will come down as belts get tighter.

  2. Raising our own hens is sounding better and better. I imagine the price of livestock is going up, too.

    • Luckily, I have the home infrastructure to raise chickens and have had them on site since 2007. I will be picking up a dozen 17 week old pullets on Saturday. $12 a piece is a great price and no fuss and mess raising chicks. They will hopefully start laying soon. I will get more in the fall when UConn turns their flock over for the start of the new school year. They let those go for $6 each. I have been highly successful and recommend raising your own chickens if you can. I am as addicted to fresh eggs as Hunter Biden is to crack.

  3. Have a good trip to Tulsa – enjoy the ..kon.
    Food prices here are also high, and climbing. I don’t buy 5 doxen at a time, but the dozen large eggs that cost $1.49 a few weeksw ago are now $2.59. Stopped by to pick up a dozen eggs, a big bag of shredded cheese, some tortilla chips, a small sliced ham (about a pound and a half), a pint of blueberries and a gallon of milk – $58.36!!! At least gas at Costco is at $3.31/gal – although a Costco two hours away is up at $3.75
    Speaking of Costco, did y’all see that clip of the deranged ‘mask advocate’ threatening to pepper spray a Costco manager because the manager wasn’t wearing a mask and was getting ‘too close’ to him? The idiot said something about how his life was being threatened by the guy’s presence, shoved the manager and stormed away. I hope the manager called police and pressed assault charges!

  4. Part of the reason that eggs and chicken are so expensive right now is that the FDA is busy killing off boat-loads of chickens due to avian flu warnings or something.

    Same thing has happened for the last two years, eggs and chicken prices rising due to massive kill-offs due to ‘flu’ warnings and panic.

    Good thing it takes such a short time to grow meat and layer chickens.

    But, yes, one wonders how much inflation has to do with it.

  5. I bought a dozen eggs at wally 4 days ago for $1.29 That’s up from .89 3 months ago.

  6. All- thanks for the comments! And yes people are just flat getting stupid… Sigh I think the price of toys especially those that are gasoline powered are going to come down. It’s going to be just like it was back in the 70s when you could buy big dollar boats for pennies on the dollar because nobody could afford to gas them up, if they can find the gas. Concur that the bird flu scare is probably the major impact on chickens and eggs right now, but inflation is also playing a huge part in that.

  7. A store specializing in overstock items is a favorite. Stopped by today and bought a two month supply of coffee, all marked down. The rest of my food budget is taking a hammering.

  8. We’ve been buying our eggs from local stands, and they haven’t gone up that much.

  9. using local small business for everything possible is the mart choice! …Patrick