The tribe is gathering…

Or is a troublemakers, are or whatever you wanna call us… 🙂

The ladies are working hard on the ‘booth’ set up, and they really deserve all the credit!!!

This is just the back half of the booth, and it’s nice to see what happens when a professional marketer gets her hands on our stuff! More to come tomorrow, there’s a Contacts off starting tomorrow at noon.


The tribe is gathering… — 8 Comments

  1. I’m not seeing any pictures of the Booth Babes there.
    So, I’m not convinced this really happened.
    Just sayin’.

  2. I must agree with Pat. Booth Babes….eye candy…..still waiting.

    • We are instead getting what I’m interpreting as the top of Jonna’s head and Ian’s right side.

  3. NICE display. Good angles of view with the wire cubes. Breaks down to flat packs. Version 2.0 might have black gatorboard backing instead of cloth drape, to keep stuff from spilling out the back. Wee plastic clippies to secure it in place. Would also give a bit more structural integrity, avoid impromptu parallelograms. So important when moving merch at biker bars.

    • The question is, would it be wiser (and safer) to avoid that appellation entirely, or to lavish it richly?
      I’m sure they both know how to shoot, and they for sure have minions, er, friends, who can as well…