Veerryyy Interesting…

Has SCOTUS had its first leak???

It appears ‘someone’ has leaked an upcoming opinion, for the first time ever.

The moment many of us have been praying for over the last several decades appears to be at hand. According to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito, it appears the Supreme Court has voted to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion on demand legal in all 50 states.

Full article, HERE.

Now the question is, WHO leaked it and WHY? Is this an attempt to undermine SCOTUS?

Is this going to be the ‘October Surprise’ this year? A way for the left to rally their base? Or to initiate another round of ‘court packing’?

Or is this a poke in the eye with a sharp stick version, designed to let the left know they’ve lost yet again?

Or is this a red herring???

YMMV, IANAL, and I don’t stay at Holiday Inns…

What do y’all think?


Veerryyy Interesting… — 24 Comments

  1. IANAL either, but my guess would be there are a few moving parts at play. I think it might be a move to try to get Roberts (at least with maybe a +1) to make it 5-4 either way, instead of 6-3. I also think it is a move to energize Democrat turnout in the face of what looks, for now, to be a slaughter in the fall. And lastly it could be the cause to stampede moderate Democrats in Congress to back expanding the Court while they can.

    Any, all, or none of the above. Take your pick.

  2. There will be riots which will be used to try to manipulate the justices into reversing their votes. Prepare to hunker down.

  3. I’m guessing false flag. If otherwise, the person doing the leak may have more information that he/she is selling to others. LEOs should be on the hunt right now. If otherwise – likely it was planned to go this way.

    What better way to get Democratic hard core to the polls to vote ?

    • The “leak” was confirmed as a draft Court document by CJ John Roberts in a tweet earlier tonight.
      He said that the Courts’ Marshall would be investigating the leak, and that the leak was itself an attack on the Court.
      Commenters on that story suggested that (a) this showed that Roberts did not trust the FBI (no one does) oror that (b) Roberts will try to hide the leak by having an incompetent agency do the investigation.
      Personally, I think that I would rather trust Barney Fife to get it right thab trust the FBI.
      John in Indy

  4. Here’s what I think:
    3. The Supreme Court is extremely reluctant to overrule previous decisions; they have done it 233 times in a history of over 35,000 decisions, so, a little more than half of one percent. The existence of a circulating opinion doesn’t mean that a decision has been reached. My sources for reversals and numbers of decisions:
    4. Political groups raise a LOT of money because of the status quo, and if the case is overturned, won’t that well-beaten horse die? Of course, that would only matter if the Supreme Court is influenced by political issues.

    I deleted items 1 & 2 because TL:DR.

  5. I suspect a very direct and cynical attempt by the Democrat left to utilize a traitorous plant in the building — could by anyone, down to a janitor — to mobilize the extremists in the party to destroy the Supreme Court and with it the rule of law. While crying that they are only trying to save democracy, their utter contempt for it, shown in so many ways, gives them away.

    • I don’t think a janitor would have access to a draft opinion. My guess is a clerk, with or without the knowledge of the Justice the person clerks for.

      If discovered, the clerk should be disbarred and fired. If a Justice was involved, that Justice should be impeached and removed.

    • You forget: they use the term ‘save our democracy’.

      As in THEIR democracy. Not ours.

  6. Roberts has shown time and time again that he is a coward and that if it is leaked that he is about to allow something that will anger the left, he will change his opinion. We saw this with Obama care, we saw this when the states petitioned the Court over the election and he illegally refused their request.

    So this was leaked by either the new justice (has she been confirmed yet) or Sotameyer. Roberts will fold like a cheap shirt, and the final opinion will be something like “And abortions are now mandatory for everybody, you all need to have at least one and they will all be paid for by the government’.

    Because that’s how our supreme court rolls.

    • Even if Roberts defects it is still 5-4. If that was his game, he’d be writing the opinion.

  7. I thought about midterms, but the left’s temper tantrums are fragile and powered by very few voices, and don’t have a lot of staying power. I wondered if it was an attempt to replace Buys Large Mansions, but it’s too early to sustain through midterms. I wondered if it was one last hurrah of driving the narrative and making it seem like they are mighty before they lose control of the ability to force twitter to do that…

    But then I realized no, this is one of the progressive religion’s sacred tenants. So this was likely leaked because it is a heresy that offends the zealots on the level of ISIS watching someone enjoy eating bacon while drawing Muhammed with a bomb in his turban. It was probably leaked by someone having a tearful meltdown and sobbing “the arrow of history only goes one way! You can’t do this!” and screaming tantrums like the idiots in the Florida chamber when Disney’s special privileges got revoked.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    I surmise it is a clerk working with one of the left leaning judges, remember “Roe vs Wade” is the central belief of their ideology as a modern leftist, and to have it challenged and already have demonstrators standing by at the SCOTUS shows coordination. I already heard President Xiden running his piehole about that he is going to “do something, and this outrage will not stand”…Since the donks have been blowing off the rule of law for a few years except when it is convenient for them, it will be interesting to see and with the loss of twitter also, the lefties are having a rough couple of weeks.

  9. Roberts has confirmed the document to be truthful, and is pissed at someone leaking it.

    My belief? Look no further than the three left-tards on the Court itself. Sotomayor has shown herself to be the next RGB and isn’t afraid to openly state unconstitutional things and do things against the Court’s wishes. Kagan wants to establish herself as the next RGB. And squishy guy who’s leaving after this year has no reason not to nuke the Constitutionalists on his way out.

    Or it’s some low-life clerk.

    Either way, let’s hope this decision holds under pressure and the issue gets booted to the States where it belonged in the first place.

  10. I don’t think a janitor would have access to a draft opinion. My guess is a clerk, with or without the knowledge of the Justice the person clerks for.

    If discovered, the clerk should be disbarred and fired. If a Justice was involved, that Justice should be impeached and removed.

  11. According to a press release from Roberts – this is a “draft” of what’s probably (he doesn’t say) one justice’s thoughts. They all do these and pass them back and forth. In other words, may be VERY FAR from anything that comes out in an official final opinion. (Or not – that we have to wait and see).

    Leaking it, OTOH, is a cynical ploy, probably by a liberal plant in the building (candidates would be Sotomayor or one of the clerks for one of the liberal side justices) solely to stir up crap – like what we heard from Schumer. Why and whether it works depends more on the reactions – of the public, of the justices, and (if) the justices react to the public (ie, cave due to riots and/or threats).

  12. Never had a leak before.
    New Justice and her clerks come on board.
    I know where I would start looking.

  13. May as well release the ruling now instead of June. Investigate who leaked and remove them from their position. If any Justice was involved they should be impeached. If it was a clerk, fire them.

    • More manipulative crap from the left.
      Find the leaker, prosecute and impeach their boss for “lack of confidence.”

  14. Looks like they know who it is now, one of Sotomayor’s clerks.
    Remember when they sent the FBI to raid Project Veritas because someone gave them Biden’s daughter’s diary, which they immediately turned into the police?
    Wonder if the FBI will now raid the Politico for doing something so much worse…?


  15. Well, you no that red wave everyone was expecting? When the results show a blue wave or that the dems hold on abortion can be held up as a reason. Was wondering how they were going to rig November credibly. As much as killing babies is a sacrament for the death cult holding on to power always comes first. They have already thrown women under the bus on bath and locker rooms. Still worth celebrating.