In answer to an email I received…

There was a No s**t there I was panel in the bar…

With a rolling cast of characters even!

And I apparently even managed to impress Sarah Hoyt, LOL!

Someone btw put Jim Curtis in charge of moderating a panel with David Weber and me on it. He made it through 3 of his planned four questions before we ran out of time. SOMEONE should give him an award for that. He might have broken the universe. Most people run screaming into the night. I mean, once at Liberty con I lost my voice from violently agreeing with David Weber for 1 hour.

Her Tulkon AAR is HERE.

And Nancy Frye has a new video up on the North Texas Troublemakers YouTube channel about underwear through the ages for writers and/or costume designers/seamstresses! Link is HERE.


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  1. I watched Nancy Frye’s video all the way to the end, and learned a bunch.
    Not the least of this was finding out what “loose women” really means.

  2. And two of those involved in the discussion have their phones in their hands, one actively looking and one holding it as though interrupted. I wonder sometimes if the smart phone is the most destructive invention in history.

    • One was looking up something mentioned in the story, the other had just been saying goodnight to small children. Smart phones are like any other invention – pros and cons. Also, I was taking the photo with my smart phone. No regrets about not hauling several pounds of my big camera around that weekend!

    • Dorothy Grant (wing and a whim), Dave Pascoe (KilteDave), JL Curtis (our blog host) and Keith Duke. I don’t know the folks in the foreground, I’m afraid. I have more photos on my blog from the con.

      • The two boys are my sons- Ian and Owen. They have been fans of LawDog for several years. I’ve read to the kiddos from his collections several times, even getting them to spoot boogers in laughter once or twice.
        Sir Duke is my gentlemanly neighbor and cordially invited me to attend. I was only loosely aware of the constellation of other authors and learned about the Texas Troublemakers on our way down to Tulsa.
        Am new avid fan of OldNFO and the YouTube ramblings. Embarrassing the heck out of LawDog ought to be a national pastime.

  3. hey Old NFO;

    I truly hate to break it to you,but in your Loooooooong career 😀 but you have seen and done some really cool stuff and witnessed some truly pieces of history you know. A back handed compliment. One of the joys of being part of Uncle Sam’s machine during exciting parts of history.

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