Since when…grrr…

Frikkin’ bragging to the news about GIVING INTEL TO UKRAINE?

The US has secretly been giving Ukraine real-time battlefield intelligence that directly helped its military kill Russian generals, according to a report — drawing an angry response Thursday from the Kremlin.

Full article, HERE from the NY Post!

I swear I’m glad I’m not in charge, because some heads would roll! This is patently absurd to broadcast that we have the capabilities to do stuff like this. Anybody that has been in that ‘world’ knows you don’t talk about that crap, much less give it to the media!

I can only say that more than ‘one’ capability has been compromised in the last 14 years… And the SEALs publishing books? Friends who are ‘old school’ SEALs hate this with a passion. The number of details and suppositions have and WILL get more folks killed in the next go round.

I’m going to go take another round of BP meds and try not to stroke out over here…

@#%$#% assholes…


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  1. My father served on the USS Long Beach. A few years ago some things were declassified and he was finally able to bitch to family.

    The causalities of the ship were highly classified. She was built with lots of surface to air capabilities.

    As she came on station of Vietnam all the MIGs stayed just out of range and grounded rather than become targets.

    Almost like the enemy knew all that classified stuff.

    He use to commonly bitch that he would get letters from Mom that contained information mom got from common sources about operational situations that were supposedly classified.

    The amount of classified information that gets leaked to the press is scary.

  2. You’re assuming it was a leak, a case of (as Mr. Watson put it) loose lips.

    I’m not so sure. I think this is the current regime attempting to, in the gaming parlance, teabag on Russia.

    And it’s a stupid move, but stupid is kind of par for the course with Bidenharris.

  3. Yep, it’s one thing to do it, and a wholly other thing to blab about it.

    Giving this kind of information out for free will have consequences.

    The fun question is why is it being officially broadcast from the Pentagon – this isn’t a leak, this is official policy from a Pentagon spokesman to reveal ongoing operational details so that the enemy knows we’re doing it as we’re doing it.

  4. We’re not forgetting Rivera’s virtually providing enemy targeting information during the early days of CNN are we? Live and in color with verbal descriptions from the hotel balcony and the roof.

  5. Our enemies speak of it openly-
    “We’ll use your ‘freedom’ to destroy you.”
    And now we are “free” to take off our shoes to board an airplane.

  6. Point of Order: That was the NYPost, not the Slimes.
    Secondly, this isn’t news. Anybody who didn’t know this without being told – including the Russians – isn’t tall enough for this ride.
    Thirdly, the Hate America Leftards are in charge. Of course they had to blab this.

    Cheer up. Maybe the counter-intelligence folks that plug this leak will be old school, and won’t follow Marquess of Queensbury Rules. And for the hat trick, they’ll not only sanction the leaker, but make it look like the Russians did it. 😉

  7. the arrogant left can’t help themselves telling everybody how smart they are, in their mind anyway. and to general aesop’s point, sure everybody “knew” already but this gives them “proof” to use in the propaganda war ie: justification to smoke us.

  8. Nobody asked me, but, Ukraine would have been overrun by now without significant US support which included the US essentially declaring war on Russia.

    I realize that Ukraine and keeping Ukrainian secrets is important to our administration…

  9. Given Biden’s visit to the Javelin plant where he thanked the workers for helping arm Russia, and praised the Hungarian resistance…

  10. All- Good points, and fixed it to NYPost… Oh yeah, Rivera was lucky he got out of Iraq alive! The troops were ready to blue on blue his ass.

  11. I appreciate the words about the SEAL teams and their publicity seeking behavior. The problem is that it started with books by Dick Marcinko, a familiar name to most, I would guess. It doesn’t help when the president tells the world that it is the SEALS who do certain jobs for our nation, like killing Bin Laden, etc., glamorizing the group even more.
    If you ever have the interest, go to youtube and watch videos about Stolen Valor, where former a former military guy busts, usually men, who never were in the military, but now are pretending to have served. You would never realize that our country had so many SEALS, Special Ops members, and other black ops soldiers. It is actually a crime to do that.
    Regarding classified information, I have a friend who has passed now, who was in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era, and served aboard a Swiftboat, and then was stationed on a submarine. He talked a bit about his time on the boat, but he refused to tell me much about the submarine. Not because of the memories or ptsd, but because much of what they were doing was still classified, and he took his oath seriously, and would not betray what he still felt was important.
    The term Swiftboat could be wrong. I worked with him for over 30 years, and he told me this a long time ago. But it was aboard a boat that went up into the canals of Vietnam, was heavily armed, and often did missions of their own, and sometimes did them with Marines, delivering them, hanging around, and then acting as extraction.
    It will be a relief when the adults someday get back in charge of the military. It started almost immediately with the Afghanistan debacle, but it has gotten worse.

  12. We know they know, but confirming it is not the way business is supposed to be done. It used to be just the State Department that was this stupid…..

    • It’s not that they were stupid, so much as they were communist sympathizers/supporters since the dawn of the Soviet Union.

  13. When you realize that we’re the badguys on the world stage to most of the rest of the world, it makes more sense. I just wish the meddling in absolutely everything part somehow benefited us.

    Smedley Butler was absolutely correct, gods rest his soul.