15 years…

And y’all are STILL reading my brain drippings???

Y’all just ain’t right! ๐Ÿ™‚

A throwback- My first post…

I’m new to this whole arena, but thought I’d give it a try. I guess I fall in the “silent majority” as we have been deemed, I’ve never sought publicity, sued anyone for spilling my coffee, sure as hell ain’t a movie star; well, you get the drift…

I’m mid-50’s have a decent job, two decent kids trying hard to make their own way in the world today, and a lot of frustration with what is happening to the US of A. Being from the South, I hunt, fish, and shoot guns; so that immediately makes me one of those “rabid rednecks” to quote some out there. I did have a pickup, but it’s hard to park it where I work, so I drive a Pontiac… sure do miss the truck though… sigh…

As a retired military type, it really hurts to see the crap we are putting the folks in service through today. I lived through that in Vietnam, and I take the time to thank every Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine for their service when I get the chance. Most of the kids (I’m Southern so I can say that) are doing the best they can with what they have. They believe in the job they and others are doing in the Sandbox, and are pretty upset by the media coverage they get.

Anyway, I’m going to try this for a while and see what happens… thanks for reading and commenting…


My little corner of the Intarwebz has 5354 posts, over 77,000 ‘approved’ comments, and a bit over 10,000,000 views since that first post.

This blog has brought me a number of new friends, both on the net and in real life, for which I am eternally grateful! And y’all have helped make my writing better, both here and in my novels/novellas/short stories! THAT is very definitely appreciated, as I do value your inputs and, while I may not answer every comment individually, I do read them all.

I would also like to thank Barron B for hosting my site these many years, and I know I’ve caused him multiple headaches with the DDOS attacks and spammers that seem to come after the blog after ‘certain’ posts, but he hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet!!!

So I will shut up now and you can go read the folks on the sidebar, but I want to close by thanking each and every one of you that have stuck by me and I hope I have if not brightened your day, at least given you something to think about.



15 years… — 32 Comments

  1. … and thank you for continuing to write and offer your ‘brain drippings’ for the rest of us to rea, learn, ponder and offer our thoughts as well.

    15 years is quite a spell – happy blogiversary !

  2. Wow – 15 years is quite the tenure for a blog – impressive that you’d have enough to say to keep us all occupied for that long! That says something about you and us, not sure I want to know what that something is, though. LOL! Seriously, keep the goodness flowing, we all enjoy it!

  3. Thanks for all the hard work of the past fifteen years. This place is a daily visit and well worth it.

  4. Thanks for your writings, I enjoy them.

    My only complaint is that there aren’t enough of them!

  5. Thank you for your posts. I live in what is considered a blue state but that is only because Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have the largest population. The vast majority of counties in Pennsylvania are conservative bastions that vote for conservative values. That is why the Republicans control both houses of the State Congress. But anyway thank you for your years of postings.

  6. Congrats and a big thank you for all the thought provoking and enjoyable material. Of course I have to believe much of it flows from your early enlisted upbringing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    Happy Blogversary!! and it IS your fault you know….I read your stuff and got the nerve to start my own blog so yes it is your fault for foisting me on the blogging world, LOL. Seriously though, I am glad that you are out with there with your brain squeezings.

  8. You and Brigid were my earliest inspirations to do the blogging thing. You’ve both maintained that quality, which is more than I can personally say. Thank you!

  9. NFO, wow, 15 years, quite a stretch. I have not been reading you the whole time but at least the last decade. Thanks for continuing to provide insight and commentary on life in this crazy world we live in. Oh, and can’t forget the snippets, many thanks for them as well. All the best and here is to another 15 years.

  10. Usually interesting, often hilarious or thought- provoking. The books, anthologies, and signal boosted authors make this a prime stop. Thanks!

  11. Congratulations on the anniversary, and thanks for keeping the blog going! It’s a welcome refuge of (somewhat questionable) sanity. I say ‘questionable’ because I was Navy, too, and we both know sailors aren’t normal.
    I still remember meeting you. It was when the NRA had their convention in Trashville, & we were attending Ambulance Driver’s class on emergency trauma treatment, focused on gunshot wounds.
    On a break, I’d stepped outside for a smoke. You came into the area where I was, we greeted one another, and, upon seeing that I didn’t know who you were, you gave me your card. I’ve long since remedied the unfamiliarity with you, & have been faithfully reading ever since.
    BTW, I still have the card. I think it shows great style.

  12. Hmmm, all these positive comments? It appears your reputation exceeds your own opinion of yourself.
    (Are you sure you were really an NFO?)

    Thanks for a nice porch to come visit, and I miss you seeing you on the Salamander’s porch, and I look forward to hoisting a beer with you sometime.

  13. I’ve only been commenting a few years, but have enjoyed assisting with the book reviews. Kudos for all the years, may you have another 15

  14. Congratulations. Been with you almost all the way. Read the comment section and was not disappointed with who chimed in.
    Most who read past the header are already fully on board. It helps to hear you say what we all know. Thanks for that.
    God bless and stay healthy.
    V/R J. West

  15. Hear hear!

    Glad you put paw to keyboard, been a pleasure knowing you!

    Here’s to the next 15.

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