Out of pocket…

Spending a few days down in Florida…

It’s a chance to catch up with old shipmates, get some briefs from the current folks, and find out what is happening within the community.

Due to some of the ‘get togethers’, there probably won’t be much posting or commenting… Just sayin… 🙂

Should be back to regular blogging this weekend.


Out of pocket… — 11 Comments

  1. Have fun! Just remember it gets harder to hoot with the owls all night and fly with the eagles all day as we get older.

    • For chain BBQ I thought the Bono’s I ate at in December 2019 was very good.

  2. Mike- Uh… yeah… sigh

    JMI- Will do!

    John- NAS JAX

    Robert- LOL

    Ed/TOS- Sonny’s BBQ!

    Drjim- Oh yeah…

    • Sonny’s ain’t bad, either. I start seeing them along I-75 around Lexington, KY then all the way down to Tampa. Never had a bad brisket sandwich there. I hope you enjoy.