Fun times…

We had our heritage dinner last night…

With a bit over 300 folks attending…

One of the most arresting speakers was a young twenty something Afghani woman who escaped from Afghanistan in the airlift last year. She one of over 7000 who were routed through Isa Air Base in Bahrain, and was ‘hosted’ by the MPRA community (with less than 24 hours notice). She, her sisters, and a brother got out on a C-17 with over 500 others, sadly her mother and father did not make it out. BUT, she spoke eloquently about the fight against the Taliban, and how much she appreciated the US Navy’s care and assistance in getting them through the process (along with 5 kids born either in route or on Isa with basically no support, and over 70 Afghans who were cared for medically by the Navy with very limited facilities. She and her family members purposely moved to Jacksonville when she found out that it was the ‘home base’ for those who had helped them.

Needless to say, she got a standing ovation…

Today is more meetings and other stuff.

Go read the folks on the sidebar, they write good!!!


Fun times… — 4 Comments

  1. That is an example of why many of us joined. To pay forward the gift we were given being born here. It isn’t about us.

  2. I love the old P-3s. I was driving through Jacksonville once in the late 80s and I’d swear they were taking off at 60 second intervals.

    I told my wife I wondered if the Dallas had picked up the Red October of the coast somewhere. She hadn’t read the book and this was before the movie. Having to explain took a lot of the humor out of it.

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