The weather…

Got a ‘bit’ sporty last evening…

These first two shots were taken about a minute apart as I watched two thunderstorm cells merge right over the house.

The cell on the left was building ‘quickly’ and the updraft was evident from the ‘boil’ in the clouds as it sucked the ‘little’ cell on the right into the bigger cell.

And this was the radar plot while this was going on. A little ‘hook’ was developing just north of us, and tornado warnings, flood warnings, etc. were going off at the same time. Itchy Paw Falls got almost 2 inches of rain in a half hour, according to the NWS, and we got maybe ten drops.

Once again, the ‘joys’ of living on the dry line! But at least I’m at home and sleeping in my own bed!


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  1. That is quite a “hook”! I remember living up there in North Texas. Down here in Bandera we rarely get that kind of severe weather. Heavy rain with flooding is more of what we get.

  2. Bill- We got maybe 10 drops of rain, 8 miles away, they got 2 inches in less than a half hour. sigh…

  3. That’s impressive weather. I’m not sure whether that scares me or draws me in.

  4. The weather dude up here said, “There’s one spot on the radar in Texas, off to the south and east.” That was Itchy Paw.

    Rain would be nice. More hail and 70 mph dust, not so much.

  5. My wife grew up near Burkburnett. She has more than a few storm stories.

    I’ve seen storms merger on that a number of times during the many years I lived in the Texas panhandle (Amarillo area). Yes, drylines can make the weather really interesting.

  6. I used to love t-storms from start to finish, and reveled in stormy weather in general. The aftermath wasn’t always fun, though, and I eventually learned to keep my “enthusiasm” to myself. Spent too many days looking at flood-damaged or tornado-damaged homes and businesses, and helping to write block grant apps for those folks.

  7. East of the Rockies here in Colorado we have the rain shadow line. Crossing it in a general aviation airplane in a summer afternoon can produce about ten “interesting” minutes. Weld County is #2 in the US for tornadoes with adjacent Morgan County not far behind.

  8. Ah yes, our Old Enemy, the Weather.

    Remember when The Weather was the greatest threat to national security? I think the Pentagon even told us so. Then it was Right Wing Extremists!, as leftists burned down Democrat city centers, and COVID of course, and lately Russia (again). Maybe we’ll cycle back to Weather.

    Mighty hot here. Rain, please.

  9. Thanks to your reports from The Dry Line we added “Weather” to our new home spread sheet.

  10. wish we could get some of that. without the hook of course. It was a fairly dry winter and spring has been even drier. This summer is looking to be hotter and drier…ugh