Yet another mass shooting took place yesterday in Buffalo, NY. Ten dead, three wounded.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — An 18-year-old man has been arraigned in Buffalo City Court on Saturday evening, charged with first-degree murder in connection to the mass shooting at Tops on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo on Saturday.

Full article, HERE. And there is already a ‘Wiki’ page on it, HERE.

Ten people were killed in a racially motivated mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo on Saturday by a suspect in tactical gear who was livestreaming the attack, law enforcement officials said during a news conference.

Full article, HERE from CNN.

A few questions come immediately to mind-

What motivated this kid? And what signs were out there that got missed?

Where did he get the gun? Was it ‘registered’ in NY under the ‘Safe Act’? Was it legally purchased, and by whom?

Interesting how the FBI has immediately jumped on it as a hate crime and he’s already been named and ‘tied’ to white supremacists!

Prayers for the families of those that were killed and those who were wounded.

Now, HERE is the coverage from the Milwaukee shootings on Friday night. Compare and contrast the difference in coverage/identifying those shot and the shooters…

And the left is already dancing in the blood of the victims of both shootings and calling for ‘gun control’ again.

One wonders whether we will ever hear the ‘details’ of where/how the guns were actually gotten in either shooting…



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  1. Racist? Or mentally ill?

    The kid was whack-a-doodle. Where were his parents in all of this?

    Legally, there is a blink-of-the-eye where a mentally ill kid changes from a minor to an adult. The records he accumulated as a minor are expunged and there is a window where he can purchase firearms unfettered.

    If there is a problem, it is the lack of continuity between his record as a juvie and what he can do as a newly-hatched adult

  2. Probably going to find he was on some sort of antipsychotic meds. Most shrinks agree that a whim passes in less than 10 minutes but he drove over an hour to go to a place he has no connection to. Someone put him up to it and kept him on course.

  3. Buffalo – 13 shot, 10 dead, solo perp in custody. Definitely white guy shooting, hate crimes already charged.

    Milwaukee – dozens of shots fired by numerous assailants, 21 people injured, no reported deaths, one arrest. Definitely black gang shootings, although the news will never, ever say so.

    By the way, what ever happened the the black man who ran his car through a parade of white people in Waukesha, Wisconsin last fall? That disappeared from the news fairly quickly. Oh, I see his court date is this Octiber, and they’re relocating out of the county to “protect his rights”. Unlike what Kyle Rittenhouse and Derek Chauvin got. Oh, and by the way, there have been three federal trials convicting other cops in George Floyd’s death by overdose.

  4. Important comparison by McChuck.
    Kid’s 106-page “manifesto” appears to have been copied from a previous shooter.

  5. I don’t really care if he surrendered, why was he taken alive?

  6. Ah yes, another “manifesto”… jeez, these tiresome people with their tiresome ‘manifestos,’ as if everyone will understand their rants. Maybe law enforcement should search online for any other manifestos and keep an eye on those people. The Unibomber had a manifesto, one of the most tedious things to read, I think I got about 1 page in and thought “rubbish.”

  7. I think it’s awfully convenient for the anti gun people- too convenient. I’m not saying it was planned, but if found out it was, I wouldn’t be surprised…
    He is an almost perfect Boogeyman for the left, so of course we’ll hear lots about it for a long time…

    • Another blog was asking why a guy griping about being broke was wearing over $1000 worth of Camo and writing a manifesto that ticks every box of what this admin wants to ban.
      It stinks.

  8. I’m throwing the “Bullsh-t Flag” on this! Lives 200 miles away from Buffalo? Drives 3 1/2 hours through or past several large cities to go to some random store in Buffalo? I’m not buying it.

  9. Wasn’t there a black man who traveled about a thousand miles to go to NYC to kill white people?
    Didn’t that happen last month?
    Where’s the outrage over THAT?
    Or is it just okay for ‘those’ kinds of hate crimes?

  10. The details will be made public as required to meet the needs of the Administration and the Attorney General.

  11. a) American population throws out a certain number of psychos.
    b) It is a little strange how few of these shooters prove to have a strong attachment to traditional American values. Lot of the youngsters seem to be ‘raised’ by ‘the system’, and let down because ‘the system’ cannot actually raise people, or help someone with challenges connect to workable answers.
    c) Psych meds are scary, even if they can be useful when used properly.
    d) Security organizations cannot be trusted to never do very stupid things.
    e) Media can be trusted to lie.
    f) Not sure I buy the argument that he was managed. Managing a spree shooter is a very stupid act. Using the mentally ill is pretty seriously risky. There are a lot of very stupid people these days.
    g) In hindsight, the shooting of Ashli Babbit looks a lot like certain entities had agents provocateur prepped for an utterly mad scheme to stage manage 1/6/2021 for a different result than what actually occurred. One utterly mad decision maker with power to push that, implies that other utterly mad decision makers could have power to push other stunts.

  12. Spree killers generally are not ‘whim of the moment’ level crazy. There is usually a significant amount of premeditation and obsessed planning/visualization.

    This ‘profile’ could fit crazy that had keyed onto ‘right wing’ or left wing politics to shape his crazy around.

    I think depressed communists can be found of the correct profile to lead into an attempt at a false flag spree shooting.

    I think a security organization might be able to find more seriously ill communists than usable seriously ill right wingers.

    I would question whether security organizations are effective enough at finding people reliably enough to pull that hypothetical off.

    It seems like that might be pretty unwise, enough that the only security people who would try to pull it off might be fairly stupid and rote? And prone to failing?

    OTOH, I have argued that the 2020 Christmas bombing was obviously a false flag carried out by a security organization. If so, my argument above did not rule it out, therefore it would not rule out other ‘successes’.

  13. All- Thanks for the comments, and some good points raised. Apparently there ‘were’ indicators going back over a year and he was ‘referred’ for counselling…

  14. If you believe the news media, Payton Gendron, the 18 year old shooter, was arrested in 2021 by NY State Police for making threats concerning his high school. He was, we’ll presume, stuffed into a State mental institution for evaluation. The mental health experts deemed that Gendron was not a threat to himself or others (which may have been true at the time), and released him.

    During the gun fight, Aaron Salter, a retired LEO working as a security guard, shot Gendron several times but Gendron was wearing body armor and so was protected. Gendron was using an AR-15 and murdered Gendron.

    My opinion is that Payton Gendron is, by the definition acceptable to civilized people of the U.S., crazy. This is why he murdered people – he enjoyed it.

    I note that insanity is a legal term, and means that a person is so deranged that they can’t assist in their own defense. I don’t believe that Gendron is legally insane.

    Just where the parents and the rest of the family were during this whole business will very likely never be revealed, however, having seen this kind of scenario from the inside, I can say with a good deal of confidence that the parents may have asked the police, the State funded mental health system, and the judicial system, for help on many occasions and been denied help.

    • This is why I don’t like the ‘center of mass’ criteria for all shots. Because what if they’re wearing body armor?
      Guess what’s not covered? The groin. The head’s not covered either, but the groin is a much easier to hit target and can take a shooter out about as fast as a center of mass shot.
      Hips and legs are good too, if you can aim for that.

        • “Lips”, not so much. Turns out teeth, and their associated bone structures, are remarkably bullet resistant, especially for handgun shots. Aim for the eyes, if they are facing you.

  15. Deliberately evasive Reports like the millwaukie one will only re-enforce the beliefs of people like the Buffalo shooter but the press can’t or won’t see it. Just my two pence.

  16. Thing is, cities like Chicago have this EVERY WEEKEND. Yesterday’s count was 5 dead, 11 wounded. Yet crickets.

  17. As another site commented, it is time to start targeting the hips/pelvis in these scenarios and not center-mass or head.

  18. Is the shooter a ‘defective’ person? Undoubtedly. Did they act alone? Perhaps. Perhaps not. If you look at the gear that kid was wearing either he or his family had a TON of money or he had outside help. The clothes alone retail for hundreds of dollars. The plate carrier he was wearing was NOT ‘chinesium’…it was an expensive bit of kit. Where did this kid come up with the cash to afford all the stuff he had.

    We KNOW the CIA et.al have been pursuing what people euphemistically call ‘mind control’ for decades.

    Who’s to say they haven’t been at least partially successful.
    Successful enough to say get one person out of 50 to act out
    for them. This kid could be that one person. This shooting…
    like so many of them is simply TOO CONVENIENT. It serves the
    lefts needs and that should generate automatic questioning of
    the official narrative. Not that we can ever expect the truth
    from anyone in charge anymore.

  19. You should not need more than mundane social manipulation skills, if you can identify the usable crazies.

    The schools knew he was odd, and apparently the police/mental health bureaucracies knew he was odd.

    And, this was in New York. Which is crooked, and additionally has been crooked in ways that demonstrate a depraved indifference to human life.

    This could purely be a state bureaucracy play. Perhaps using people trained elsewhere, and separated for ethical or mental reasons.

  20. Public schools appear to be a common element in school shooters.

    That one of which much hay was made by the press and Democrats, with Hogg, looked to be deliberate misconduct by school officials.

    Is it too paranoid to wonder if this guy’s highschool took part in setting him up?