That’s gonna leave a mark…

New York lost in court over the latest gerrymandering attempt back in March…

And a special master was appointed to step in and redo the map, since NY is losing a seat this year due to the latest census results.

New York’s court-appointed special master unveiled a congressional map proposal that would wipe out Democratic gains in the Empire State and make apportionment far more competitive than a prior enacted map.

If enacted, the map proposed Monday would likely result in a 15-5 Democrat-Republican split, with six seats being competitive — a significant dip from the likely 22-4 majority Democrats previously procured that had been struck down by a state court in late March.

Full article, HERE from the Washington Examiner.

Frankly, I’m surprised the Dems got shut down since they pretty much control New York, but maybe, just maybe this is a wake up call for John Q. Public to step up and take back control of the government.

I know there are people who say we’ll never see another honest election, but I hope/believe that what happened in 2020 has gotten the silent majority’s backs up and they are tired of being ramrodded by ‘professional politicians’ who only care about constituents at election time, then go back to doing what they want with no consideration of their constituent’s desires.

I’ll be the first to admit I could be wrong, but I hope to hell I’m not…


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  1. That’s my hope too. But the ease of database manipulation makes it too inviting for frauds and cheats. My hope is quite small now.

  2. I share that hope. Since libs/leftists admire European policies so much, let’s adopt voting policy and procedure from, say, France. Voter ID required, only paper ballots on the day of election, no early voting, no remote voting, no connected election machines. MUCH harder to manipulate.

    • I agree. Indelible ink on the finger after you vote, too.

  3. The election process is far from perfect, and never has been. Up until about 1972 or so, I would say that everyone running for office knows this, and knows that any close local election automatically demands a recount. Now? Our elected officials have won a popularity contest that is run like a 1950s beauty contest.

    Stuffing the ballot box is nothing new and exciting. The practice has been perfected by both political parties since the 1880s in the Big Windy. The big difference is that a few of these thimble-riggers got caught (okay, more than a few) which makes them arrogant, careless, and stupid. So – now what?

    Good question. I’m old. I’m 69, and I can’t begin to tell you just where the time went, but I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d see the kind of moral decay that I’m finding in the United States today.

  4. All- Can’t say that I disagree with anybody… sigh…

  5. Doomy doom doomed, for ever, etc.

    It is not like elections are implemented at the local level; if that were so, local officials would be available to hold accountable for fraudulent practices, like using any electronic voting machine, etc. Oh, wait.

    This is /not/ an issue of moral decay over cohorts.

    JFK’s ‘victory’, and some of FDR’s, were super questionable.

    There are two things going on here.

    One, this stuff is being covered up in less effective ways.

    Two, we have moral splits within the cohorts, going back a long ways. At least to the 1930s.

    The communist side of the communist/Christian split thought that they finally had enough of an advantage to go all out. They do not, in fact, have that degree of advantage. When you look at actions, and exclude words, it is pretty clear that by some measures they are a minority.

    Politicians are usually not primarily technical. And the ones who have been surrounded by sycophants for the previous thirty to forty years do not have a well developed sense for how normal people think. The politicians are not coming up with the technical cheating schemes, nor are they doing the PR work on covering up the cheating schemes. They have ‘experts’ for that, but they do not have the background to properly test the ‘expert advice’, and some politician appetites are screwed up enough that they pick the ‘experts’ who tell them what they want to hear.

    So, when younger cohorts have a bit better grasp of IT security, technical systems, or statistics, they do not automatically realize this. Or at least some of the younger cohort; PR flacks and lawyers are very often absurdly pig ignorant.

    And, on PR they are probably not judging the cover up well, because used to coasting off of the old information manipulation apparatus.

    Communists are more obviously barbarian psychopaths when they think they have one, compared to when they are deliberately passing for civilized in hopes of pulling off the revolution. We have now all seen the unmasked savagery.

  6. It is all well and good that the “Majority’s Backs are Up” but the issue is they have no mechanism to rectify the situation. Yes, they have the cartridge box but nobody is going to use that absent a leader… and there are none.
    Ergo, we are literally helpless spectators to the ongoing fraud.
    We are not going to vote our way out. Voting no longer matters.
    Hide and watch.

  7. Alaska’s Republican senator, Murkowski has been tending to vote with the Dems but at least she voted against the Senate abortion bill. On another topic, is Diplomatic Immunity going to be out as an audio book any time soon, also any of the westerns?

  8. Stuart,

    You may be making the same mistake that the Left does. They have an excessive trust in theory, in being able to do things successfully because the theory so predicts. Now, part of their problem is that their theory is junk.

    But, part of it is an inherent difference between theory of human behavior, and reality of human behavior. At best, theory is based in past behavior. Past human behavior can be a very bad predictor of future human behavior.

    The previously used mechanisms have a shorthand theoretical description. If the mechanism institutions can be described, a determined group of people can suborn them, according to a plan agreed on between them. The difficulty is, a plan that a few people can hold in their minds is not going to perfectly counter the attack/debugging efforts of a much larger group of people.

    Even the Soviet Union was fragile to this. Totalitarian technocrats can not manage the ‘state space’ of their regime so perfectly that you don’t get ‘preference cascades’ from all the people who secretly hate the regime.

    Americans are /not/ so terrorized as the Russians and Chinese, were and are.

    The communists have for decades kinda thought that they had everything /now/, in America, and have been finding out that it was not so. Because we were not terrorized into submission, and found ways around the formal thing that they had suborned.

    Their ‘victory’ now is neither perfect nor eternal.

    There absolutely are options to act on. But, thinking with the same blindspots that they have will blind you to exactly the same tactics that they are blind to.

    There are ways to fix problems without first being able to entirely predict the solution theoretically.

    • Well, my verbose friend. You certainly tell the truth, although it doesn’t seem to me to be a satisfactory answer at this point in time.
      It is true one can put sand in the gears which is guaranteed to work but you must also acknowledge the millions of lives that those gears ground into dust in the 70 odd years before the “solution” achieved its goal.

      • I may well be excessively optimistic.

        I’m basically of the opinion that they need voluntary compliance, including on things that they have never gotten compliance on, and they need that voluntary compliance /after/ they have thrown away appealing to voluntary compliance for the obvious sake of pursuing naked will to power.

        But, that conclusion is after a bunch of iterations of “wait, what do I actually know?” I was previously pretty convinced that they had won.

        The ‘now answer’ somewhat satisfies me, because I think it will be a quick tip over to a more favorable situation for us. Very much not the period of time it took for the USSR to fail as consequence of its lies. More the time scale of the Romanian revolution in 1989. (Five years would still be closer to nine days than it would to seventy. Also, my suspicion is that it will be peaceful.)

        Basic process is looking at some different ‘universes’ of theoretical prediction, and making some guesses about which ones are likely for us to be in. My gut is that Americans have not fundamentally changed. Also, that having pissed off a lot of people, the ‘genius’ master planners of the left are outnumbered, and probably both stupid and crazy.

        I have no idea of timing, or specific mechanism.

        I certainly have more pessimistic moods. I’m unhappy about the situation that my business in life has resulted in. But, at least I was somewhat informed of the risks beforehand, and took them knowingly, that has made it a lot better. It helps knowing that, whatever the ‘universe’, I have courses of action whose results, in the next world, I can ‘live’ with. It has been extremely rough for my mental health.

        So, my takeaways are not instant ‘wave hands and everything is better’. Nor are they something where I can write out a formula, and you have no choice but to accept the result as correct.

        There are tapdancing hard because we are not doing everything that they want, or expected, and they have no idea what to do next, except doubling down on falsehood and stridency. Their falsehood is fragile, we can defeat it, in ways they don’t predict, by clinging to truth. Most of them live in lies to the point that a truthful man is difficult for them to comprehend. Their default prediction seems to be that people will willingly take part in their falsehood rituals. Calm is part of the answer to stridency. Action may be the answer to specific stridency, but it should be deliberate, and reasoned from sources that they don’t have immediate access to. They may be able to predict emotional choices based only on sources that they manipulate.

        If analysis lets you notice a new way to screw them over, good.

        But, simply remaining alert, open, and optimistic about acting means that you can participate in ‘crowd sourcing’ a counter measure that they were not prepared for. Someone, somewhere will find a misstep, and if we find out, and act, before a theoretical explanation can be prepared, they will not have time to implement a counter counter measure. Every bit we get past their defense is another nudge towards their collapse. Which may mean sooner, less damage, etc.

        They have no way to even last ten years. a1) they are screwing over agriculture faster than they grasp a2) there is no other food surplus to keep them going while they take years ruining American agriculture b) Their senior leaders have not the political in fighting skill that they would need. These people have difficultly defending themselves when they accidentally self critique. They have ‘stayed in power’ thanks only to a great deal of outside support that has been wearing down for decades, and to people not being desperate and pissed off enough. If they stay in power, they wear down the outside support more, and piss more people off.

  9. Since 2020 I have thought that the Republicans needed to start putting people in the ballot counting agencies of every state. How could they not know this?

    • GOP internal politics.

      When a GOP nominee wins the presidency, he has a lot of opportunity to pack the national organization with cronies.

      For a faction already established, someone outside the faction being nominated, and then winning the general, is a loss.

      Establishment Republicans are Bush faction, collaborators with the Democrats, and of the false opinion that the Democrats haven’t lost their minds. They believe that there can be peace with the Democrats.

      They winked at the 2020 fraud, because in their view it ‘preserved the party’ in fact of Trump. They believe that having ‘got rid of Trump’ that they can go back to collaborating with the Democrats, and doing things the way that they always have. And that the Democrats will not try to fraud the Republicans out of too much influence.

      What will happen sooner or later, we will change the GOP faction to one that seriously contests the fraud, and then it will probably become apparent that the Democrats have relied on fraud for decades to drastically increase their political influence.