Not impressed…

The first international shipment of specialty baby formula has arrived in the United States by a military plane, enough for more than a million and a half bottles. 

The first flight of “Operation Fly Formula” landed in Indianapolis weighing more than 78, 000 pounds, as part of the Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to address the baby formula shortage. 

Full article, HERE from PJ Media.

Interestingly, the product will be distributed to medical offices and pharmacies, but not store shelves. And will support 9000 babies.

9000 out of an estimated 3.2 MILLION babies under one year old… Link HERE to the birth rates from the CDC.

I have a few other questions…

Who is paying for the C-17 flight time? Or is the USAF just having to ‘suck it up’?

What mission(s) are they not flying to do these (like the who got tagged to fly the Afghanistan evac)? And how much flight time is this taking off the airframes? Especially since they started ‘retiring’ C-17s in 2012…

One other question, how did they do the math to come up with 9000 babies? 78,000/9000= 8.67 ish lbs for each baby. Granted it’s been a LONG time since I’ve had to worry about feeding a baby a bottle, but ‘something’ there just doesn’t make sense.

I would really like to hear from somebody that can tell me how that works out.


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  1. The 9000 is what’s left over for American babies after they take care of the immigrants babies.

  2. That’s because they are using big number propaganda. When people hear big numbers they sort of fuzz out. 45,000 gun deaths! We have to do something! Vs 13.6 per 100,000.

    The total pounds is a big number. Doing a little research shows that formula is used by volume, not weight. Each can is somewhere between a half a week and a weeks worth of food.

    One number I found was 2.5oz of prepared formula per pound per day. 10 lbs baby is 3 8oz bottles per day. That is 3 scoops of formula per day. But I didn’t find how many scoops per pound.

    References say there are between 90 and 200 fl.oz. servings per can.

    My Mk.I rememberer says a can per week per kid when they were small

  3. And they could have signed a waiver allowing people to order their own from Europe from Amazon with 7 day delivery, but heaven forbid people do for themselves when the government can do for them.

    They.Are.Putting.On.A.Show. Nothing more

  4. Look! We’re from the government and we’re here to help!!!

  5. Government math. You have to account for 90% losses due to incompetence and graft.

    The C-17s are taking “free” hardware to Europe to transship to Ukraine, and coming back with baby formula instead of empty.

    And again, if mothers stayed home and breast fed their infants as God and nature intended, this wouldn’t be an issue. But no, they just have to keep working and sending their precious babies out to a state sponsored child creche.

    • *eyeroll*
      I stayed home and I could *not* make enough for any of my babies. And I’ve had a few. I would be terrified if I had a little baby now.

        • I think it’s becoming more common. Something to do with environment or contaminants or diet, perhaps.

        • History and biology say that infant mortality rates ranged from 10% to as high as 50% prior to the invention of readily available baby formula, with many of these deaths coming in the form of malnutrition. See “failure to thrive”.

          So stop with the “stay at home and nurse” argument.

  6. I understand that the specific formula shortage is not the one that necessarily feeds the bulk of babies on formula. There is a mainstream formula product, and there is a specialty product for super fragile babies.

    The way the feds run the formula discount program wound up creating a duopoly. It absence of that, no bottleneck.

    Some analysis was done of that factory. The contamination incidents are consistent with fecal contamination from a lack of handwashing. Folks from Congo were settled in the area. Congo is a place that can have a cultural problem with washing hands, because water is expense to haul, and in that context handwashing wastes water.

    Below partly address ‘just nurse instead’, but also has discussion of breast pumps, etc.

    Concur that the government is doing this as a show of ‘helping’.

  7. I’m with Rod – not sure how your calculator ended up with 166 lbs per baby, but my math says 78,000 / 9000 = 8.67 lbs of formula per child…

  8. I’d say our hard earned tax dollars were paying for this, but they are not. They’re just printing money.
    Those babies will end up paying for it.

  9. Brandon flew to do his tour of Asia. One hopes that they will kidnap him and keep him. But then we’d get the Camel-A.

  10. Dave- Fixed that (again) Helps to actually ‘save’ the update… sigh

    Ed- I don’t know…

    LL- Oh hell no!!! That would be a fate worse than…Xiden!