Things to think about this weekend…

This is not a holiday like Christmas and this day was not created to bring glee! Despite what the day has transitioned to in American culture, it was established to reflect, honor and remember America’s military fallen.

Sure enjoy the sales, grill some amazing steaks, and find the perfect mattress on sale, just don’t forget to raise a glass in honor of those servicemen and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

This holiday exists for a reason. Use this day to reflect and honor our fallen heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for you!

Even if you don’t agree with the idea of war, or the reasons America goes to war, or the policies of a particular president who was the Commander in Chief during a specific war, it doesn’t matter. People have defended the people and interests of America for over 200 years, and your right to disagree with the reasons for war should be separate from your opinion of the troops themselves.

Thank you for your consideration on these ideas.


Things to think about this weekend… — 15 Comments

  1. I think that covers it.
    Enjoy your life. That’s what our absent brothers would likely want; after all, it’s what we all served, and some of us fought, for. America, liberty, the republic, yeah, but mostly just so folks could live their lives as free people. But don’t forget to honor their memories.
    BZ, Old NFO.

  2. It’s a sad weekend to me. Maybe almost the saddest. There are empty chairs at the table that won’t be occupied again. Sacrifices come to mind, blood shed for friends – and the flag. The BBQ’s and bullshit piss me off, Old NFO.

    I don’t begrudge people their fun, and hope that they take a moment to contemplate that they don’t speak Japanese, German, Chinese or Russian because people stood in harm’s way for them.

    • Navy veteran, I figure our absent companions, would rather we lived life, celebrate the time and the circumstances we have due to those we left behind. Raise a glass and keep their memory as we go forward.

  3. 100% correct comments. I will raise a glass to my Uncle Tom who gave the ultimate sacrifice in 1944 at the battle for St. Lo, France after having landed on D-Day. He helped make it possible for all of us to continue to enjoy our freedoms just as my fellow soldiers, airmen, and sailors have done for over 200 years. A toast and a well done to all of those men and women that did not make it home.

  4. I remember this Memorial Day as my Dad, who has died, spent 43-45 in the Pacific in the Marines before getting blown up on Okinawa and spending the next year in a Naval Hospital in traction. He had horrific scars on him, lost most of his stomach, and back that was broke. He got a medical retirement. My parents were married in 1949 and my sis came quickly and my brother 2 years later. I was in 1957. My Dad always had to go into the VA every 6 months to have his back straighten out.

    My brother went to Vietnam in 69 to the Army and that tore my mom up as he was her favorite. He spent 3 years in Vietnam and after getting there was pulled into the Rangers. He came home after getting out of a hospital when his unit was wiped out and being sent home for leave. He had a hard time when he got back with the changes in the US and soon was off to Ft Hood. He spent 3 more years in Ft Hood and at times some other bases, before leaving the Army. He liked Texas and the area around Ft Hood and stayed there as a trucker. He was later killed on the road.

    My Dad finally succumbed to a stroke in early 2000s and with losing both my Dad and my bother my mom did not last over two years.

  5. Old NFO and Tennessee Bud, hope you don’t mind…I’d like to quote you in the speech I have to give for our town’s two services this year. As town historian it is my job, but always a struggle as a civilian to hit the right notes.

  6. ACH- Feel free! That quote is out there.

    CA- Concur.

  7. Our local Chik Fil-A has a permanent table with empty chair and the salt, overturned glass, etc. with a display explaining their meanings. Veterans get a free sandwich every monday.