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First up is Ben English with his memoir of his time with the Texas DPS- Black and White: Tales of the Texas Highway Patrol

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You know I never saw an officer, an EMT, a fireman or an ER crew ask anyone what their politics were, and then refuse to care for them because of their answer. The color of skin pigment, the last name, the amount of money in a bank account, none of that mattered. All that mattered was someone needed help, and they had the skills as well as the burning desire to do so. Yes, they are only human and internally flawed and prejudiced as any other. But their true nature, their crowning glory in mortal life, is their ability to rise above those flaws and prejudices when called upon. In a world of hungry, destructive wolves, they stand as the sheepdog who serves and protects the flock.

This is book that is not necessarily an easy read, but it is well worth it. Ben told me he had problems writing it, and I can see why. He revisited both the good and the bad of his 22 years with DPS, and I’m sure it brought back things he would rather not remember.

Next up is W.L. Emery with his latest book- Magic Employed

The blurb-

He’s back! The itinerant wizard with the sesquipedalian vocabulary is back in another anthology of short stories. Accompanied by his traveling companion Mirrabelle, Otheldo encounters mermaids, a violent demon from another dimension, and an evil wizard who has enslaved an entire tribe of fiendishly powerful ape-men. The good news is that he’s employed.

Lawdog and Cedar Sanderson have another comic out- Astro Lizards

The blurb-

A few brave lizards, and a gecko, with the right stuff. Two boys growing up in Africa explore the possibilities of explosives, with their reptilian pals. AstroLizards tells the tale of the nascent Nigerian Spac… er, well, an attempt was made. Sapper Lizards tells of the brave enlisted lizards and the wonders of ammonium triiodide. Finally, the Major’s tale of epic battles against beetles and a nose round out this comedic book. You can color the story in yourself! Or you can read and laugh and read again.

Last, but not least, Sarah Hoyt has another Barbarella out there- Barbarella #10

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  1. Black and White is now on the Kindle and in the Q.

    I parked the Emery book on my wish list and bought the first book in the itinerant wizard series.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Besides easily adjusting the font so I can read it, the Kindle also includes a dictionary that I can access by just touching the word.
      It does get some use.
      Now if only I could remember the definitions!

  2. “the wonders of ammonium triiodide.” My high school chem teacher let me experiment with this easily made stuff, lots of fun – highly stable in solution, very unstable when dry. My experimentation was cut short when I had some drying on some filter paper on a lab bench and the teacher, not knowing it was there, tossed a CRC Handbook right on top of it, which caused it to be launched across the room in a cloud of purple smoke. She was not amused… I’m sure I’d have been put in jail for this and some of the other science experiments I did back then…

    • I took chemistry and no one ever showed me how to make fun stuff. *pout*

  3. Waaay back when, when I was much younger, there was a TV show every Saturday morning called, “Tales of the Taxes Rangers.” Don’t remember who was the lead in it.

    • Taxes Rangers would be thrilling stories featuring IRS enforcers?

  4. Sadly the tales of Barbarella have been forever tainted by their cinematic association with Hanoi Jane…..