Grands can and do wear out…

Not often, but it does happen occasionally!

PP sent me these from day before yesterday (all day at the pool) and yesterday (playing with ATVs).

Neither of the kids even made it to their bedrooms… LOL

I never thought of an ATV as a ‘bed’…

I envy their ability to sleep anywhere and in any position!!! I could do that…60 years ago…


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  1. I thought the ‘Grands’ in the title referred to grandPARENTS, not grandCHILDREN; and to THAT sentiment, I can testify! I love them dearly, but we had four little ones living with us for a month that seems like a lot longer.
    Sometimes, it happens simultaneously. My daughter-in-law has a picture she took of me asleep in the chair, holding my granddaughter, who was asleep in my lap.
    Ah, the blessings of rest; nothing like it!
    On another note, my 17-year-old Kenneth had his last day at Reception at Fort Jackson on Sunday, and will start his first real day of Basic Training today. That’s one who will very soon grow to appreciate rest….

  2. Think of being that age. A visit to grandparents was enthusiastically anticipated. Fun and learning and being wrapped up in love and comfort. That condition didn’t just happen; it was made with you in mind.

    Now it’s you providing that for them. It is a wonderful blessing to you and to them.

  3. A visit to the swimming pool usually does the trick. My brother’s neighborhood has some nice pools (the only good thing about HOAs) which we make use of when we visit. It’s an easy bedtime unless they’re cranky.

    They are adorable kids!

  4. I find that I can still fall asleep easily, but that is when I’m trying to do something like read, or watch TV.
    And the getting up is accompanied by a large amount of creaking and groaning. (Hint, it isn’t the sofa that is making the noise!)

    Cute kids, and they play hard and sleep hard.

  5. They look like sweet little angels. Reminds me of my own children many, many years ago, when my wife and I would carry then to their beds after a long day of play or swimming.

  6. Yeah, I slept in the exhaust end of a spare J-57 engine with my full tool pouch as a pillow in a KC-135 run across the Pacific LONG LONG ago. Now I nod off at the keyboard but then can’t sleep more than 3 hours in my own bed!!

  7. Pat- Snort… Yeah, he’s gonna be ‘wishing’ he could just get another hour… LOL

    Dan- It is!

    r- It is a blessing, no question!

    JMI- Yep!

    John- I know what you mean… sigh

    John- Agreed!

    Bob- LOL, yeah, we slept in some ‘strange’ places over the years. My favorite was under my station on the airplane with the floor heater on.

  8. As a MAC Airlifter, I have slept on 463L pallets of stuff, canvas paratrooper seats and other strange places but never the tail pipe of a jet engine (and I have been on planes with them as deadhead crew).

    • As an Instrument Systems Repairman I crawled up them to attach cal heaters to the exhaust gas temp probes to check them. So it wasn’t an unfamiliar place for us. Always had coveralls or an old flight suit to cover or replace the fatigues (very much pre-BDU era); 1966 best recollection.

      You get bonus points for sleeping on troop “seats” as they were designed with the horizontal supports, at least on 141s, perfectly spaced for maximum bodily interference with anyone trying to go horizontal. Hickam, 4 years, MANY trips to many Pacific locations to fix “broken” birds in the 70s.

  9. The bum shoulder is whimpering in pain, at those positions. Once upon a time, but not now!

  10. I can still doze off “anywhere”. Getting up-right after wards is some thing else entirely.

  11. Falling asleep anywhere would be nice. But I’d prolly have trouble getting up again.

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