It’s that time again… — 9 Comments

  1. The dictatorial politicians know that only the law-abiding citizen will compromise away his cake while the criminal citizen who steals and acquires his cake by illegal means will hide his cake and never surrender any part of it. Then only they will have their cake and eat it too by being able to rob when want to.

  2. If it helps, I have seen this cartoon in a number of places. Properly attributed, too.

    Can’t stop the signal.

  3. Yes. I recall during the arguing for the Brady Bill in the early 1990’s, they asked ‘Who wants crazy people having the choice to purchase guns. We need a background check’.

    Then after the bill was signed into law, they said, ‘We can’t do background checks without invasion of privacy’. Bait and switch.

    This time, the gun grabbers should be forced to tell exactly how these background checks will be done and by whom.