Another ‘win’ for the little people…

The last two SCOTUS decisions came down yesterday.

The one we were watching has been pretty low profile, and that was West Virginia v. EPA on the overreach of unelected bureaucrats in government agencies making industry wide rules/regulations.

Well, SCOTUS gave a win to West Virginia!!!

While some commentators view this decision narrowly as a determination of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ability to promulgate regulations to address climate change, in practice, it sets a precedent that will limit the ability of all executive agencies to make regulations that shift entire industries without specific congressional authority to do so.

According to legal expert Jonathan Turley, “it will be much more difficult for President Biden to order sweeping environmental changes without congressional approval” in the wake of this decision.

Full article, HERE.

The real impact of this decision is that I believe now ALL government agencies will be on notice that they no longer have free reign to do as they wish, and this move will once again put the onus back on the congresscritters to actually DO what we pay them to do, and that is legislate.



Another ‘win’ for the little people… — 9 Comments

  1. That one — and the ones for the football coach and the Maine privvate/parochial schools — may actually be more important in the long run than the two high profile ones (not to minimize them, either!). IMHO

  2. Kind of overlooked yesterday were these orders: ASSN. OF NJ RIFLE, ET AL. V. BRUCK (Magazine limits), DUNCAN, VIRGINIA, ET AL. V. BONTA (Magazine limits), BIANCHI, DOMINIC, ET AL. V. FROSH (AR-15 Ban) were remanded for further consideration in light of the Bruen decision. Which would seem to sound a death knell for magazine limits and AR-15 bans.

    While I wish they’d have upheld Remain in Mexico, it has been a very good 7 days in SCOTUS land. I’m not sure there has been a week like this for gunowners in particular, and conservatives in general in my lifetime.

  3. Also, three firearm cases remanded back to the Circuits. Specifically NJ’s ban on magazines greater than 10 rounds. Be interesting to see more details and followup.

  4. What Mike said:

    As far as Remain in Mexico policy, I think this is probably a correct decision as President’s can’t be stopped from overturning previous President’s policies. The Left tried (sometimes successfully) to do this to Trump. This decision (although I’m not a lawyer and haven’t read the actual decision) may make it harder for future courts to just stop R presidents from doing what they need to do.

  5. I agree with Mike. It’s been a very good week for SCOTUS decisions.

  6. Ian- excellent point

    Mike/Hereso/SLee- Agreed! Those were remanded, but now the courts have a precedent to review them from. And RIM decision was correct, IMHO. Foreign policy IS the province of .gov not the states.

  7. The remand on those cases could almost be read as “Don’t make us explain this to you again, it’ll only get worse.”

    The EPA decision could also spell doom for ghost gun, bump stock, and pistol brace regulations by BATFE, God willing.

  8. And exactly WHO is going to stop the evil EPA from going right ahead and screwing the country over at the behest of the greenies in power?
    Certainly NOBODY in the current Executive Branch is going to stop them. That’s the sad thing about “court rulings”. They are nothing but INK ON PAPER….unless enforced at the point of a gun they are pointless. And since the people controlling all the Federal guns WANT the EPA destroying America that destruction is going to proceed….and speed up.