I’ve mentioned before that I would NOT recommend the military to anyone today, due to the lack of leadership in the senior ranks…

But this article brings that out even better than I could!

Jump out of a perfectly good airplane, charge a machine gun nest, be stationed at Ft. Irwin – these are just three of the myriad miseries American patriots are willing to endure to defend our country. But today’s military is asking too much of our young people, as evidenced by the crashing recruitment rates that threaten to deplete a military already running short of soldiers. Have our young people suddenly turned from heroes to zeros, ne’er-do-well heirs of the brave warriors who confronted the forces of tyrannical gun control at Lexington and Concord? 

Full article, HERE from Town Hall

And I’m just thankful there isn’t any time travel… Can you imagine???

Michael Ramirez for the win (as usual)!


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  1. Leftists aren’t patriotic, and thus don’t serve except for the benefits. Those in service tear units apart.

    Patriotic young men don’t want to serve in a military ruled by trannie-worshipping Leftist women.

  2. I blame the whole of society for the lack of patriotism among the youth of today. From a weak President and no leadership from the generals in the Pentagon to the Secretary of Defense. When all they want is to allow transgenders, homosexuals, and other perverts into the services something is wrong. Back in the 1950s and 1960s that was a guaranteed ticket to a discharge. Now it is looked upon as normal. America is seriously in trouble folks. We had better turn back to Biblical teachings on these subjects and repent of our sins and failings or this country will be finished.

  3. As the father of an 18 year-old young man and as someone who proudly served some thirty years ago, it made me smile when I watched my son give a recruiter an earful not too long ago.
    A navy recruiter gave my son his best pitch – going on ad nauseum about all of the opportunities he would have and what he qualified for. However, the best part of the exchange came when this guy pulled the “Your country needs people like you” bit. My son responded, “Sir, my country has gone out of it’s way to blame me and people like me for every single rotten thing in the world, both now and over the course of history. We’ve been told we’re evil, sexist, born racists, that the country would be a better place without us and yet you’re telling me that this same country needs me? For what exactly?” Well you should have seen the look on this guy’s face as he tried to spin his way out of what my son said.
    I was very proud of him and as someone who’s family arrived here on the Mayflower, I will not allow the blood of my kin to be sacrificed on the alter of the globalists. Let them send their own children.

    • My youngest son died from service related injuries. His son is now in the S Carolina NG. His daughter, a high school senior, is an Ensign in her high school NROTC. She has her sights on the Naval Academy. Neither are the slightest “woke”. I am both proud and conflicted. When the day comes when the “woke” is washed away, most likely in a shooting war with horrific casualties, someone needs to be there to rebuild.

      What makes my head explode is knowing it doesn’t need to be this way.

  4. WSF, condolences on your loss. Steve’s son is absolutely right in his response to the recruiter. I would absolutely discourage your granddaughter from USNA. Sorry, but she would be frustrated and Ensigns don’t get to “rebuild” anything; she would be a pawn at best.
    We’ll no-kidding rebuild when we get our country back.

    • Boat Guy. She wants to study aeronautical engineering, possibly at Arizona. She might qualify for a full ride ROTC scholarship. While I agree with you about the USNA I hope she doesn’t go the student loan route. She has been an honor student since 1st grade. Best of all, she is a sweet and caring human being (with a steel backbone). If she joins the military she will be, like her brother, 5th generation.