Compare and contrast…

Soooo, we have something interesting here…

First, prayers for ALL of those shot this weekend, and their families.

The Highland Park shooting, seven dead and thirty-seven injured. The shooter is in custody after a short search. The FBI, multiple agencies (possibly including the Secret Service), etc. all got involved almost immediately after the shooting. Even the President commented on it last night. And everyone is decrying the ‘mass shooting’

President Biden led a moment of silence Monday for the victims of a mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade near Chicago — two hours after he stunned listeners by hardly mentioning it in a speech on the White House lawn.

Full article HERE from the NY Post.

Now the contrast…

CHICAGO — Seventy one people were shot , eight fatally, in 4th of July holiday weekend shootings across the city, Chicago police said.

Full article, HERE from ABC7 Chicago.

But where was the outcry? Where were the FBI and other agencies? Where was the President?

Crickets… Because this is pretty much a ‘normal’ weekend in Chicago, nothing to see, move along…

NYC, the same thing! Fifty shot and either nine or twelve dead, depending on the report. Outcry? Nope… Crickets too…

Full article, HERE from NY Post.

And then there is the major of Philthydeliphia. Where the mayor flat out said if he could, he would ban guns for anyone but LEOs.

“If I had the ability to take care of guns, I would,” he said. “But the legislature won’t let us. Congress won’t let us. The governor does the best he can [and] the attorney general does the best he can, but this is a gun country. It’s crazy. We are the most armed country in world history and we are one of the least safe. So until Americans decide that they want to give up the guns and give up the opportunity to get guns we are going to have this problem,” the mayor proclaimed.


“The only people I knew who had guns in Canada were police officers and that is the way it should be here. But look, in my lifetime, it is never going to happen. A lot of goofballs out there with guns and they can get them anytime they want, so this is what we have to live with,” Kenney said, according to 6 ABC.

Full article, HERE with quotes… Which you cannot find on a Google search, by the way…

So, if it’s a dem stronghold, like Chicago, or NYC, or Philly, shootings are okay, since it’s mostly black on black, and not ‘important’ to the leadership.

But let it happen in an ‘upscale’ area, which apparently Highland Park is, and it is a white shooter (therefore MUST be White patriarchy) and it hits the news cycle for two days.

I’m waiting the usual 72 hours to actually comment on the Highland Park shooting particulars, because as we all know, ‘details’ change with amazing rapidity in the first three days.

How about blaming the shooters? Whomever they may be? Regardless of ethnicity? How about actually enforcing the laws on the books? How about requiring the mental health records actually be inputted to the NICS database?

How about realizing that criminals never have and never will obey the laws??? Is that too hard?

When you defund the police, what is actually going on is that a non-lethal means of apprehension/stopping crimes is removed from the system. In states with CCW, what you have done is put that means of stopping crimes on those who carry, and they don’t HAVE non-lethal as an option!


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  1. When Biden asked, “How many more people must die, to get gun control?” that wasn’t a question, that was a promise. And the false-flag events will keep coming to create the crisis. “Never let a good crisis go to waste, as it allows you to do things you couldn’t otherwise.”

    Note I’m not saying that Biden deliberately orders it, rather, this is in the sense of the “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?” and the swamp will take it from there.

  2. And of course the shooter was “known to law enforcement” …

  3. Steve- Sigh… One does wonder.

    Roger- I know

    Tom- Of course!!!

    Hereso- Lots of things…

    CP- Snerk.

  4. Interesting. Jim Kenney is either lying or never get out of the liberal urban core bubble in Canada.

    Mind you even in the urban areas there is lawful civilian firearms ownership – there’s quite a few private ranges in Toronto.

    Canada actually has one of the highest amounts of civilian ownership of firearms around. Per the Small Arms Survey, it ranks 13th for number of firearms in private hands. Weirdly enough, Norway didn’t make their survey and they have more per capita than Canada.

    Assuming he’s lying or just plain ignorant of that, I hold no credence for the rest of his claims either.

  5. Anyone else noticing the trend for these shootings? The press and DHS keep focusing on the AltRight or Far right as the group to watch for but these shootings keep showing it is brainwashed leftists doing the deeds.

  6. My guess is we will never hear about the “routine” shootings in Chicago, or NYC, or any other big blue city not just because it is not white on whatever color, but because it is gang related. No Dem is gonna touch that because then the focus turns to where did these gang members come from—if they are in this country illegally, then the Southern border would get a huge amount of focus—and THAT wont be tolerated, because the Dems need the southern border to be wide open to get all of those new voters into the country. So a blind eye will continue to be turned until there is some very famous person who is killed. Then and only then will the pushback be great enough to kick into action the closing of the border, the revocation of the no bail/get outta jail free policies, and the allowance of regular law abiding citizens to carry concealed.
    But until that happens…nothing is gonna change.

    By the way, evidently one of the NYC mayor’s senior aides was doing a security check someplace in Brooklyn for the mayor to highlight some new thing, and the aide was mugged–at 10AM right in the street!! When he told the muggers who he worked for, they flashed a gun at him and said that was who THEY worked for, and took his stuff, and escaped on a city bike.

    Actions have consequences, and so do in-actions!! Right now there are a LOT of folks across the country who are reaping what was sown over the past couple of years.

  7. They conveniently don’t mention that if you take out the Democrat run cities, the U.S. is way down the list of countries for gun violence.

    They also don’t mention the fact that fentanyl kills 10s of thousands in the U.S. every year: 9 people died from it in one FL county alone last weekend. Why don’t they mention it? Um, well maybe because it’s made in China and then brought into the U.S. over our open southern border and they don’t dare point that out.

  8. No matter how biased the media may be, the old journalism truism lives. “If it bleeds, it leads”.

    At our community pot luck on the 4th I pointed out we are a country of over 314,000,000 with an annual firearms death toll of far less than 100,000. That brought some shocked stares. I then added most of those are suicides and gang bangers.

    Facts matter? One response, “But they are killing our children in schools!!!!”

    Despite the title of my blog, I don’t spend time talking to people committed to being fools.

    • The schools are badly mismanaged, in some elements deliberately. Sever the feds from control of schools, or shut the schools down, and the problems will decrease.

      We’ve had a federal department of education for around forty or forty five years.

      Current spree shooters have a lot to do with the subsequent turnover and changes in management of the public schools.

  9. Aaron- I know… sigh

    Houston- Interesting, isn’t it?

    Suz- Excellent points!

    PH- Not on their ‘agenda’… sigh

    WSF- Still true today. And agree with you!

  10. What’s that stat, 75% of violent crime in the US is perp’d by blacks. Huh. How very totally strange.

    Too bad no one’s prepared to address this because when the ax comes down it won’t be pretty.

    Then there’s the Highland Park transvestite. Dear God.

  11. Conservatism and Christianity seem to have a stabilizing impact on troubled boys. Conversely, leftism and being ‘cared for’ by a federal bureaucracy seem to be pretty bad for sanity.

    The crime related shootings seem to be the result of ‘enforcement deserts’ deliberately created by the Democrats.

    It is interesting that some are saying now that police are the only ones who should have guns, considering how recently that they were pushing the narrative of ‘excessive’ police shootings.

    One might infer that they were disappointed at American failure to bow to the terror soldiers that they had recruited and deployed in jurisdictions that they controlled. The very localized terror soldiers, who coincidentally carried out arsons in Democrat jurisdictions, and never had much luck exporting it elsewhere.

    Possibly last days of opposition regime, implying that statements will only get more delusional from here on.