Get woke, go broke…

Is not just here…

Halifax Bank in England went off the deep end…

Halifax Bank in the UK decided to do some virtue signaling, unveiling ads celebrating their pronouns. When customers objected, the bank tweeted “If you don’t like it, close your account.”

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This is just so perfect a comeback from the customers, er…FORMER customers…

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Get woke, go broke… — 10 Comments

  1. I think I may have just chosen my pronouns. How about Ass, Jack Ass, Ass Hole.

  2. To me this sounds like forcing someone to acknowledge & approve of their sexual preferences which in itself is sort of a form of sexual assault…I’m pushing 70 and really don’t care is someone identifies as a Maple tree and wants to get it in the knot hole by an Oak tree. What I do care is having this group figuring they have the right to force their sexual identity and possibly preferences on others.
    I hope this bank and any other organization behaving similarly experience financial repercussions.

  3. it is great when you turn it around on them. I was bothered by a busybody about not wearing a mask , I told her that I identified as wearing a mask so it was ok. she didnt know what to say .

    • Hassled one time also about no mask. Told the screeching harpy I was also not wearing underwear. Shut her up.

  4. I have selected my pronouns and they are, (drum roll, please) kuss/meinen/arsche