If you like MHI…

Go support Larry’s Kickstarter! It funded in an hour, but the game will not be sold in stores…

Monster Hunters International the Miniatures Game, HERE.

Looks like a lot of fun! 🙂 And you can play the good guys, MCB, or the bad guys! So get your ‘game’ on!!!


If you like MHI… — 6 Comments

  1. I’m debating it. Been playing Gloomhaven with some guys for the past couple years (once or twice a month we get together cause they all have kids). It is fun but the game itself ran well over $100. Tough investment to make in something that you may or may not enjoy (full disclosure: I didn’t buy GH, my buddy did, then brought it over). The big problem with “not available in stores” is that you have to decide, based on no feedback at all, whether or not you will like it. Now. Not later, but now. Quick! Decide! Aah!

  2. Hereso- I’m in on it. I’d be happy to send you my game if you want to try it, and you could keep it if you like it. I’m just supporting Larry because he’s a friend. I don’t play these kinds of games.

  3. I’m a bit old for such things. About 45 years, I’d say. Ditto for video games.

  4. OldNFO, that is really generous. I’ll take you up on that.

    TB, I’m 57. I started playing when 13 though, and when we were on deployment for 10 months in 1991 I found a game going in one of my fan rooms on the aircraft carrier. Ended up joining and we played for several years, mostly when out at sea.

    • Heresolong, I’m 57 as well. On both my carriers, I usually read. Work my way through the entire library on each, & sent home for more (you, and OldNFO as well, know how boring a cruise can be).
      Once I discovered girls, bikes, and beer, long, long ago, I no longer had any interest in kids’ games. Just how I am. I’m glad for those who enjoy them, but it isn’t for me.