Isn’t THAT speshul…

The National Instant Background Check System (NICS) is only as good as the people running it. Whenever there’s a mass shooting, the Democrats want to expand background checks. Background checks are required for all gun purchases made at gun stores with a Federal Firearms License (FFL). It’s a myth that 40 percent of all gun sales are done without a background check. That line was debunked years ago, though you sometimes see it sneak its way into anti-gun talking points. 


In all, 1,002,274 background checks — or 4.2 percent — took longer than three business days in 2020 and 2021, 11,564 people were able to buy guns in 2020 and 2021 before the check showed that they should not have been allowed to do so, according to the FBI report.

But wait, there’s MORE!!!

The FBI never completed 734,604 checks from January 2020 through November 2021, the most recent data available, because they took longer than 88 days — after which the bureau must stop its research and purge the unfinished checks from its system.

Full article, HERE, from Town Hall.

Sooooo, roughly 25,000,000 checks were done in 2020-2021. And 4.2% of the checks missed the deadline, and of that number, roughly 74% of the missed checks were never completed… So they really don’t have a clue how many purchases were ‘illegal’…

Yet the left wants to expand NICS even more, and add ammo to it…

In other words, they are also saying they want to ‘hold’ purchases until the checks are completed, regardless of length of time. Which would have meant 745,604 people would have never been able to purchase a weapon in 2020-2021…

And this makes sense how???


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  1. When will lawmakers decide that legislation that focuses on stopping habitual criminals will have more effect on reducing crime ? They have spent decades on law abiding gun owners – time to go for the throat, they already know who the felons are.

  2. There is not one thing the left has proposed on this subject or any other that makes sense. Why do they not investigate how many young men are on anti-depressants? In almost all of the mass shootings they will find that the shooter was on anti-depressant drugs. If one starts taking them and suddenly stops it increases agitation, anger, and other negative mental impulses. Not a word about the misuse of the anti-depressant drugs is ever mentioned when someone goes off of these meds. Blame the gun as if it is in control of the situation.

    • That is a point which definitely needs exploration. It took drug companies a long time to admit that those same drugs can increase suicidal impulses, especially in the adolescent phase. Even if taken as directed, I wonder if they may increase homicidality, too. Stopping them suddenly is not pleasant; I know from experience.

  3. Step one, change the law so that background checks are required to be be completed before purchases are approved.

    Step two, reduce the number of investigators to less than ten.

    Step three, no background checks are completed, unless you are a Democrat donor, lefty celebrity or bribe an investigator.

  4. NRW assuming you are laying out their plan rather than suggesting.

    Most big companies won’t deliver the firearm without a completed background check, even though the law allows it, because they are worried about liability. My buddy bought a 9mm from some chain in Vancouver, WA and the background check got held up (never mind that he has numerous firearms and works as a locksmith/electronic security specialist for the Federal Govt so has a security clearance, etc), he couldn’t pick up his new pistol for almost a month while they waited. Company policy he was told.

    Not suggesting that the law should be changed, oppose that change in fact, because the option should be there so that there can’t be a defacto ban on sales when the government just stops doing checks.

    • Yeah, “reductio ad absurdum” along with more than a tinge of sarcasm.

  5. jrg- For the dems, never… That’d impact their ‘base’…

    John/JMI- Excellent point! And how many of those NEVER get reported? My guess is 75% or more!

    NRW/Hereso- Point, and yes, some dealers will hold a weapon until the checks actually come back.

  6. And the worst part is most “delays” are similar name issues – and end up being false positives. So while it’s very bad that 750k people could end up never getting their gun, it’s also likely that 740k of those are being held up because of someone else with the same name actually being the prohibited person!

  7. The feds are just ‘purging’ a lot of stuff they don’t get done. Background checks, tax returns (several million paper returns got shredded without any documentation that they existed), and immigration court backlogs.

    • Mid – they recently ‘admitted; they had nearly a BILLION firearms transaction records – any bets they ain’t purging any of those…..

  8. Jay- True… or kick outs for other issues, like high clearances which get you an FBI case number.

    MC- Exactly… dammit…

  9. It makes sense when you realize their long-term goal is to never give someone a clear NICS check, and prevent as many firearm sales as they can get away with.