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Electric Bus Burst Into Flames During East Coast Heatwave – One Day After Connecticut Gov. Requires All Future State Vehicles to Run On Electric Power

Full article, HERE at Gateway Pundit.

This on top of all the states that are getting hit hard by the heat wave that has the country in its grip right now. Among others, Tesla is asking owners NOT to charge their vehicles in Texas between 3 and 8 pm, due to the ‘load’ on the grid.

California, depending on whom you talk to, is starting to experience rolling brownouts, apparently Oregon is having problems, and there are others that are having power issues because of  ‘going green’…

Last week, one of the wind turbines down by Crowell caught fire after a lightning strike. Video and article, HERE from KBTX. One of the other problems Texas is having, is that the high temps have caused the winds to die down, so the wind farms aren’t producing the power they ‘should’ be…

All the while, the administration is pushing for MOAR ELECTRIC VEHICLES! They have driven gas/diesel prices to the highest seen in many years, and are now threatening to cancel permits already in hand on Federal lands, if the oil companies aren’t pumping/drilling on those permits.

And there aren’t enough charging stations, nor power available to the grid, much less to subdivisions to charge electric cars. In our county there are three, count em, THREE public charging stations in the entire county! And they’re out at a truck stop on 287!

Simply unbelievable stupidity, or malice from the administration, I don’t know which…

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  1. Never underestimate the stupity of people in large numbers or based in Washington D.C.

    • BF – corollary – never blame stupidity for intentional evil intent.

  2. The Plan is working. It is not stupidity at work but the work on the “Liberal World Order” aka “The Great Reset”. Are we going to get boiled or hop out of the pot?

    • I agree about the great reset being what the powers want. I saw a picture on line a while ago of a fleet of busses, several of which in the middle of the line were on fire. Also a ship load of cars in the Atlantic some of which were electric burned! We have had some items that Amazon couldn’t ship to Alaska because of the lithium batteries.

  3. Stupidity is a common character trait among the elites, who think they are so smart. They really don’t know what they don’t know and tend to think in overly simplistic terms about complex problems. Hence a lot of their solutions fail to achieve the desired result, but instead of trying something different, they double down.

  4. Re the wind turbine… “The investigation is ongoing”

    What teh heck is there to investigate??? It’s a tall thing. Tall things get hit with lightning all the time. Lightning is hot. Hot things catch fire. Not a surprise anywhere in that chain of events.

    • And those “green” windmills have anywhere between 80 to 100+ gallons of lubricating oil and grease, hydraulic fluid, plus yards (miles?) of cabling wrapped in petroleum derived insulation.
      I don’t know how often that lubricate needs replacing/addition but “green” they ain’t.

  5. Here in my town we’ve had three public charging stations for several years. Last year there was a discussion about replacements as they are apparently earlier generation. During discussion in front of the City Council the fact came out that the previous stations were “voluntary” payment and that the City was running them.


  6. And then there’s the vulnerability of the electric charging infrastructure to hacks.

    This ars technica article mentions some of the weaknesses – https://arstechnica.com/cars/2022/07/ev-charging-networks-create-a-tempting-target-for-cyberattacks/

    My boss, who has an electric car and hence practical experiance of how the chargers work, as well as much experiences with cybersecurity as it’s our dayjob, quickly showed me a ton more potential issues as we stood next to one in Carlsbad last night

  7. Bad- No kidding!!!

    Bill- I got out of the pot a LONG time ago…

    Tom- Kinda like trying to brute force something that needs elegance and time, right?

    JMI- Yeah, sigh…

    WSF- Snort…

    Hereso- Voluntary… sure…

    Guy- Wow! THAT was a quick turnaround, but obviously ‘somebody’ up there was smart to keep those diesels around as spares.

    • And a whole lot of other really, really nasty stuff.
      If you ever see an electric vehicle fire, do NOT stand down wind of it and do not touch the residue afterwards!