I haz a new book!!!

My second novel in the Bell Chronicles series, Ranching in Colorado is up!

Click on the cover for the Amazon link!

The blurb-

Back in Texas he might be The Rio Kid, but at the other end of a long cattle drive in Fort Collins, Rio Bell is now struggling through his first year as a Colorado rancher. With his new wife, old hands, and a few mountain men, he’s learning fast as they deal with winter weather and stubborn cattle.

The killing cold and deep snows bring all new challenges to calving and just getting in supplies, but tempers can run hot as ever. Not everybody wants to see him succeed… or even survive.

They’re about to learn he’s no greenhorn when it comes to taking care of business, regardless of what that particular business may be.

The paperback dropped this morning, which is amazingly quick! Thanks to all the usual suspects for the alpha and beta reads, Tina for the cover, and Steph for the editing!


I haz a new book!!! — 13 Comments

  1. I look forward to it.
    The biggest problem with your writing is that there isn’t enough of it!

  2. Just bought it, will read it tomorrow and leave a review. Thanks. John

  3. Annnnnd, bought.

    Looking forward to reading it once I wrestle Book 2 into submission.

  4. Loved it. Great to see a passing reference to Walt Ames. Is there any chance of the two meeting, even in a short story?

  5. Bad- Possible 🙂

    Drjim- Hope you like it! I’ll be curious if you pick up on where the various locations are.

    • I’ll let you know. I’ve read 5 or 6 books on the history of Northern Colorado, some written 100 years ago by the people that made it happen. We had some real Old West characters out here?

      Sleepy little Laporte, just North of here, was once the biggest place between Denver and Cheyenne!

  6. I do believe this purchase means I have everything you’ve published (at least that I can find on Amazon). And I’ve enjoyed every one of them.