Wow… How time flies…

One of the folks on the mil-email chain posted a business card from back in the day for a Hong Kong tailor everybody used to use…

Granted this was ‘years’ ago…

But apparently as of the last Google street view, it still exists. I just don’t know if there is still any business buying from these folks.

And yes, they did ‘all of the above’… They also did what were called ‘party suits’ back in the day.

The picture above is from the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson in Dayton, OH.


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  1. Stopped by there to pick up my room mate’s party suit when I was the Nav on a liberty drop off flight. Never bought anything there, but bought a lot of custom clothes in Sattahip Thailand. My wife made me toss the powder blue checkered bell bottom pants a soon as I pulled them from my bag when I got home from that Cubi deployment. At least they fit nice and were inexpensive but no loss.

  2. I remember the Chinese tailor that used to work out of the Navy Exchange in Keflavik. “Harry, Hong Kong Tailor”. You could get a really nice bespoke suit and 2 sets of pants for about $100. Unfortunately, Harry got busted by NIS for smuggling in heroin in his bolts of cloth from Hong Kong. No more tailor.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    In my bag upstairs, I have my Dads summer suit he bought in South Vietnam, from To-Do Street Saigon I believe, I’ll dig it out one day and take a picture of the label and post it. I used to wear it when I was younger, I always liked the look of it.

  4. My grandfather was in management at Lockheed and always bought his suits from a Hong Kong tailor. Someone would come to the states every year or so, and meet with him appointment. Take measurements, look at fabric samples, and order suits, shirts, ties and handkerchiefs. Beautiful suits, well-made, and my grandparents were happy with the price for the quality.

  5. Hawaiian- Rajah’s Tailor shop!!! BTDT! Silk shirts for $5!

    Ray- Sigh… not surprised.

    Bob- Do it!

    SLee- Yes, there were folks that did that. Obviously ‘enough’ to make it profitable for the tailor to come to the states, and most of the buyers were ex-military!

  6. Casey Lee, tailor outside Osan AB had a brother in Seoul who was a jeweler. Would make a special ring and pendant for a Chief and spouse — would sell to nobody else. She still has hers and I still wear my ring and get comments on it occasionally. 1970s

  7. I obviously was insufficiently adventurous sartorially-wise. All I got was a sweat suit with my name misspelled in an interesting way.

    Pet peeve: why, oh why, do so many folks fail to use a native English speaker to proof read stuff? Mr. Lo’s business card should inspire confidence.

  8. I’ve never been to Hong Kong, but I’ve probably walked past that museum display case like twenty times.

  9. Robert- You missed out… LOL And yes, that card was ‘special’ for the Americans. He also had a Chinese version, and I ‘think’ ones in German, Italian, and French.

    TOS- Neat!