So much for waiting to release the second Haunted Libraries Anthology…

‘Somebody’ hit publish, and now we’re live on both volumes!

Anyhoo, click on the cover for the second one!

The blurb-

This anthology is a benefit anthology for the Tom Burnett Memorial Library in Iowa Park, Texas.

Is your library haunted?

Are you sure?

Many readers wander the shelves, returning over and over to the place their spirit calls home. Some of them are still in circulation, even after their bodies have checked out. Others are part of the deep archives from before the books moved in…

Join 11 authors as they explore haunts from the past, the future, and the dead.

I’ve got a story in this one! 🙂

Yesterday was interesting, Kermit G and his wife Emily plus the kids came through Tiny Town, and we had them on the Blanket Fort livestream. Good folks, and Amie got to meet two more of her authors!

And if you haven’t bought the first one, you can get them both HERE!

Folks, just a reminder, none of the authors, editors, or cover artists get anything out of these, all the money goes to our little local library to support their programs. And hopefully, you’ll see an author you like and start following them!

Thank you in advance!


Well… — 11 Comments

  1. And as soon as the paper versions come out I’ll buy both so I can see the face of the librarian when I hand them over as a donation when I renew my card. 🙂

  2. BobF, great idea! Will keep that in mind.

    Just shook out the piggy bank for a couple other books and whatnot, so I’ll be a little behind the curve – dadgumit.

  3. Not good when there is a typo in the blurb:
    “to the place their spirt calls home.”

  4. NFO, The link at the bottom of the blurb goes to a “page not found” message at Amazon. The one at the top works fine though. Not usually a fan of westerns but a worthy cause so bought both. Who knows, maybe reading them will convert me to an avid western reader ;-).