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Y’all poked us time and again about a hunting anthology on the live stream…

Well, Cedar ran with it! 🙂

How Not to Shoot Fish and Other Deer That Got Away is live! And has a #1 tag!!!

Click on the cover for the link!

The blurb-

Yes, both LawDog and I have stories in there, among others…
Next up is Pam Uphoff with the ninth novel in her Fall of the Alliance series- Friends and Family
The blurb-
Lady Olympiada Vinogradov’s Grandfather has died . . . and now she’s going off to some tier four mining World with her mother and stepfather. Ought to be a great adventure! And far away from people who might notice she has dangerously strong Mentalist talents that could get her chipped.

But before she goes, she needs to rescue her friends. But taking them along with her to an unpopulated wilderness full of dangerous animals, to a base totally dependent on imported food and fuel might not be a good thing as the Three Part Alliance slides closer to collapse . . .

But with friends and family, what could possibly go wrong . . .

Next is Stephanie Osborn with a new short story- Get Off My Lawn
The blurb-
A backwoods mountain man, Ivan only wants to feed and protect his family to the best of his ability. But he is shocked when strange, hostile alien creatures crash-land on his property high in the Ural Mountains, even attacking him and his family. What should he do to keep his family safe? What can he do?
And the second Malta anthology is live! Knights of Malta
The blurb-

Malta. Home to countless warriors, pirates and knights through the ages, it has seen more than its fair share of war and conflict.

Some of those wars have spanned the globe and some have been deeply personal. It’s created a country, and a people, with a fierce spirit and a willingness to take up arms to defend their homes and their families.

Join 10 authors as they explore what it means to be a Knight in Malta’s past, present and future.

And last but not least, our benefit anthologies for our local library! The Haunted Libraries Anthology Volumes 1 and 2 are now live as paperbacks!!!
The blurbs-
This anthology is a benefit anthology for the Tom Burnett Memorial Library in Iowa Park, Texas.

Is your library haunted?

Are you sure?
Many readers wander the shelves, returning over and over to the place their spirit calls home. Some of them are still in circulation, even after their bodies have checked out. Others are part of the deep archives from before the books moved in…

Join 23 authors as they explore haunts from the past, the future, and the dead.

Come on folks, this is for a good cause! And some damned good stories in them too!!!
Lastly, I’d like to thank those who’ve picked up Ranching in Colorado! I appreciate the honest reviews too!  And if you DO see a problem with typos or formatting issues, please send me an email so I can fix those! Regardless of how many people review a book, things always slip through.
I will also note there is quite a bit of ‘dialect’ in this one, so some of the ‘typos’ are purposeful misspellings to indicate dialect use.


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  1. I think I overworked my mouse clicking finger today.
    The good news is that I now have more great books in the Q!