A followup to yesterday’s post…

This pic says it all about what was ‘really’ being said.

If this doesn’t look like something straight out of a bad movie, I don’t know what does… And still pissed about the Marines being used as ‘props’ in the background.

Leni Riefenstahl couldn’t have done it better! And a LOT of the memes have the quotes “It sounded better in the original German.”

And then there was our ‘favorite’ WAPO reporter chiming in…

Edit- Thanks to Tam, this post was faked… Grrr…

And the ‘walking back’ going on today looks like a bunch of crawfish trying to get back in their holes and throwing up as much mud (obfuscation) as they can.

But, I listened to it, and my takeaway was that if you’re not a Dem and support the left, you’re a ‘threat’ to the US. Especially if you’re a Pub, then you’re a MAGA fascist!

This is the last post I’m going to make on this, to try to keep my BP under control… sigh


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  1. Looks to me like I need to get more FAL magazines to go with my hoard of Magpuls.

    Wouldn’t be a bad idea to get out of where I am and back to Tiny Town, either.

  2. I’ve heard that eating lots of Texas BBQ and having a good cup of coffee is a good remedy for high blood pressure.

  3. Leni Riefenstahl would have done it a LOT better. The only saving grace — if there is one — is the total incompetence of the entire top of the pile.

  4. Joe and company’s real screw ups are:
    1. Trump isn’t on the ballot this fall.
    2. If Joe’s ideas are so wonderful, then he needs to be explaining them to the rest of us poor schulbs.
    3. Not sure what Joe is so worried about, after all, officially, he beat Trump in the last election…so there must be quite a few folks that liked Joe’s ideas more than Trump’s ideas…
    After all, who doesn’t hate low gas prices, reduced regulations and being held in respect by other countries in the world, peace in the Middle East, being energy independent so no more of our young people have to go bleed and die for oil.
    Folks really enjoy no power to charge their EV, the highest inflation in 40+ years, watching young military personnel get blown to bits while trying to manage a crowd of terrified women and children, being mandated to be a guinea pig for experimental meds, digital currency, higher taxes, more rules/regulations, being told how to think/talk/act, and enough freebies and debt to keep the next 3 generations completely enslaved to the Man.
    4. Why would anyone want to make America great again? Especially the so-called leader of America? That is just a silly idea! Right??

    I will get off the rant box and go take my anti-sarcasm meds…sigh

  5. Their general ignorance and incompetence is not a saving grace. It is more proof that they are stupid enough to believe that we will behave as they would if the situations were reversed.
    That is, that our policy m asters would instruct our financiers to pay the cut-outs to mobilize the cell-structured street troops to come out, be identified, then be massacred along with our families.

    They don’t know us, don’t want to know us, and learning about us will be a very ecpensive lesson.

  6. I thought the pose was familier – hfinally had time to do a search today.

    And mass arrests based on what charges? I’m pretty sure “I think your policies are shite” isn’t against the law.

    • In a totalitarian country “I think your policies are shite” is illegal. The Democrats want a totalitarian government.

  7. The sick part is that not a single elected Fascist has denounced that speech.

    F*ck Brandon
    F*ck Democrats.
    We have nothing in common with them

    • How would anyone know, Matthew. The MSM wouldn’t report it if they did.

  8. She didn’t “delete” the tweet, she never made the tweet in the first place. It was a ‘shopped satire tweet from Twitter user “Purportedly Stephen”(@sdamnja1).

    If you’d taken a moment to think about it, the timestamp on the fake tweet is from *before* the president’s speech.

    But it confirmed to everyone’s biases, so they ran with it.

    Even Rod Dreher (I’m presuming you know who Rod Dreher is) has walked it back.

  9. Can anyone tell me what D&C position those Marines are standing in? I sure couldn’t find it in any Manual. It certainly isn’t Parade Rest or At Ease.

    • That position is what LEO use for displaying neutral body language while interviewing someone but not letting them control the conversation. In other words, the Marines are there because the Military will be ordered to enforce civilian laws, that is in the link I posted. Look at current events, and project 6 to 9 months out, and tell me I am wrong, with everything that is happening.

  10. Venn der Führer says
    ‘Ve ist der Master Race’
    Ve Heil, (thbbbbt) Heil, (thbbbbt),
    Right in der Führer’s face

    Y’all know the rest…

  11. MD- We were talking about that, no idea. Can’t tell if they had weapons or not.

    D.A.- Yep!