Unintended consequences???

Or purposeful cancellation under the color of law???

Several historical reenactments in New York have been canceled in recent weeks over concerns that participants could be violating the state’s restrictive gun laws.

A law that took effect Sept. 1 prohibits carrying weapons in “sensitive locations,” including public parks, sport fields and museums.

Full article, HERE from Town Hall.

What makes this more interesting is that it de facto means no more reenactments of any type in NY by any organization that uses guns of any type, so Revolutionary, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI or WWII reenactors, etc. are done for.

And no WWI/WWII or later airplanes that have weapons (unless they are dummies) in the wings or turrets.

So by default, no more learning from living/moving history…



Unintended consequences??? — 11 Comments

  1. The Democrat/Commies want to erase all of American history and America itself. They have taken over the universities and the public schools and are pushing socialist ideas in schools which will lead to a communist dictatorship ruled from China. That is the goal of the one world government followers. The WEF and other elitist organizations have trained the Democrat/Communist leadership and some of the Rinos in the Republican party.

  2. Kinda makes you want to do some reenactments with real guns and live ammo, like when we started out.

  3. Massholes did the same thing years ago. No flintlocks during the Patriots Day parade. When they asked why, the reenactors told them you made it a crime to carry them in public. They may have changed the law by now. Reported to me by two Plymouth officers who were shooting at our range in 2001.

    • There’s even been on-and-off talk about removing Chief Metawampe’s spear from the UMASS logo, and his statue at the Amherst campus has been “disarmed” periodically since the mid-80s (probably for different reasons though…) Can’t depict indigenous peoples open carrying…

  4. Isn’t it likely reenactors are closeted domestic terrorists? Can’t have them organizing.(Just being my usual contrary self)

    • I don’t see any downsides to re-enacting Alexander Hamilton’s artillery firing upon the halls of Princeton.

    • If they’re white, they are domestic terrorists by definition. Maybe limit re-enactments to people of color – or white people who self-identify that way (they can wear black face).

  5. Consequences? Yes. Unintentional? Not so much. Everything the left does is part of the plan. The plan to destroy America. This is just one tiny facet of that plan.

  6. God forbid that people get reminded what happened when citizens took up arms against a tyrannical government.

  7. Somehow, I think the NY governor sees this as a feature, not a bug.