Huh, whoda thunk it…

The FBI apparently is picking up side gigs to get more money… And apparently lied on the search warrant application, ‘forgetting’ to mention that the plan was to confiscate most of the contents of the safe deposit boxes as ‘criminal proceeds’.

The privacy invasion was vast when FBI agents drilled and pried their way into 1,400 safe-deposit boxes at the U.S. Private Vaults store in Beverly Hills.

They rummaged through personal belongings of a jazz saxophone player, an interior designer, a retired doctor, a flooring contractor, two Century City lawyers and hundreds of others.

Full article, HERE from, of all places, the LA Times.

$86 million in cash along with gold, silver, rare coins, gem-studded jewelry, and Rolex and Cartier watches. At least that is what they ‘admitted’ to taking…

One can’t help but wonder what ‘else’ got taken that never got accounted for?


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  1. As I said at Larry’s, my son got robbed by the police to the tune of $1k in cash, never to be seen by him again.
    I distrust all LEOs I don’t know personally and some I do.
    I expect them at my door soon.

  2. I wonder what the Office of Professional Responsibility has to say about this?
    Yea, that’s what I thought.

    • Where have I heard of this before? Something about the FISA court and Russian prostitutes.

  3. I hadn’t heard of this before, but it doesn’t surprise me…
    The Met in London did something similar several years ago that they got in big trouble for.

    Unfortunately, yet again this shows how safe deposit boxes are anything but safe. If it’s not under your control – and well hidden, it’s not yours…

  4. This is why you do NOT ever use ‘Safety Deposit Boxes’ especially in California. The state and the feds just love to confiscate what’s in them. In California if they THINK you have touched that box in two years, the break it open, take everything, BURN all of the documents and then auction off all of the assets in the box.
    They make a lot of money this way and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.
    Other states pretty much do it as well.
    If people KNEW just how -unsafe- ‘safety deposit boxes’ actually were, the whole industry would go out of business in a week.

  5. Thing is, Dems do not just have leaders who are senile insane old communists.

    They are also apparently in bed with a lot of non-religious criminal conspiracies.

    (Unless you think Beto’s campaigns are /not/ laundering cartel money?)

    Thus, the other motivation for the insanity of ‘criminal justice reform’.

    Democrat aligned information warriors who are currently being paid by the cartels are gonna tell negative stories with false analysis about even those law enforcement organizations that the communists are confident that they have both skin suited, and need to use the positive reputation of.

    I’d note that Clinton is a Saxophone player. The list of descriptions could be true of hypothetical client lists that are purely Democrat criminal conspirators, purely cartel criminal conspirators, purely Hollywood criminal conspirators, or purely ‘bought by PRC intelligence’ criminal conspirators. Possibly there could have been some element of how the bank found clients, or the fees charged, that would lead a person to believe that all clients were criminal conspirators.

    Which is not the same as providing persuasive evidence of such to the judge.

    Other angle, did the bank maintain extractable trustworthy records about which boxes were associated with which clients? Or did the boxes only match to biometric eye scans? Which the FBI might not have a source for?

    It does sound like the judge was wrong, and that the filings with the judge were criminal themselves. But, it can be good practice to distrust everything that is not a court document, as well as to distrust court documents.

    I personally think that judges and lawyers have done a gross disservice in, by other acts, making it seem like they may have colluded improperly for decades to undermine the enforcement of criminal law.

    Yes, generally, it is plausible that the FBI has been run as a pro-Democrat criminal conspiracy, a willing supporter of Democrat terrorism, from the very beginning of the FBI.

    But, this does not make other factions of Democrat terrorist sponsors automatically credible when they are attacking the FBI.

    Additionally, the past thirty years of federal government management make it fairly likely that there is a lot of gross incompetence in very many federal organizations. If this was gross incompetence, I am not sure it is more than the expected value.

  6. Ed- Ouch!

    Gerry- Yeah, that…

    JMI- That they did, on purpose!

    John- That’s why my ‘important’ stuff is in MY safe.

    Bob- Good points all!

  7. So will the republicans defund the FBI when or if they take back power? Or will they just wine about it on twitter? We see the same things out here in Australia. An abusive policy or out of control department gets the outrage when in opposition but once the so called conservatives take office they run silent. Knowing this there is no downside to bad behaviour from department officials. The prospect of being out of a life time job would concentrate the public service mind wonderfully.