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Cedar Sanderson has published the SECOND hunting anthology (based on the joking around on the live stream comments about us doing one- The Deer Shot Back: and Other Hunting Tales

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The blurb-

Come for the laughter, stay for the next generation’s induction into the ancient art of hunting for the table. Twenty tales of hunting, fishing, trapping, and wilderness adventures will remind you why what was once practiced for survival became a sport, and is coming back around as people remember why we respect the creatures that keep us alive. For one thing, it’s the pratfalls that come along with all the serious notions. You can’t help but laugh along with these stories of how it went wrong in the most hilarious of ways!

Next up is D.A. Brock with the next book in his Republic of Texas Navy series- The Lone Star, the Tricolor, and the Swastika

The blurb-

Autumn, 1939…

The war that the Western nations have long dreaded has erupted in Europe. After the conquest of western Poland by Germany, the war on land settles into the so-called ‘Phony War’.

But the war at sea is anything but phony. Especially when the French Government accuses the Republic of Texas of providing aid to Germany. The tension escalates, and Hitler fans the flames for his own nefarious purposes.

After a devastating sneak attack, Commodore Karl von Stahlberg is thrust into command of the Texas battle fleet. Can he defend Texas against the enemy’s onslaught, or will Texas be defeated?

Karl Gallagher has his fourth book in the Fall of the Censor series out- Captain Trader Helmsman Spy

The blurb-

Niko Landry needs to infiltrate the Censorate to find a weakness before it launches its next assault. The Censor bans maps of hyperspace, forcing freighters to find their way by word of mouth.

He and his crew will pretend to be ordinary traders while finding out all the secrets they can. Any mistake could leave them broke . . . or executed.

And Laura Montgomery has her fifth novel out in the Martha’s Sons series- His Terrible Stall

The blurb-

On a lost and stranded colony world, with his brother’s family at risk, Peter Dawe will do what he must to protect them

A lost starship’s settlers turn one valley on an alien planet into a terraformed replica of Earth. The rest of the planet offers only hardship and madness. Despite the oasis First Landing provides, the ship’s crew fled decades earlier with their fabricators, spacecraft, and knowledge when those controlling the valley threatened their freedoms.

The ship’s crew founded a separate colony on the southern plains. From there they spied on their former passengers, always fearful that the richer valley would come to take what they had. Even after a generation, the loathing persists.

A man in exile—

Peter Dawe faces an arid existence in a brother’s secret northern outpost. His work there has meaning and purpose, but when asked to journey to the southern settlement to help recover stolen weapons his brother needs, Peter has to defeat his own belief he shouldn’t expect too much from life.

A brother’s quest—

Determined to find the missing rifles, Peter works his way through supposed friends and allies to catch the real thieves. But can he overcome the prior generation’s ruthless plans to stop him when his own life hangs in the balance?

Cedar Sanderson also has a new ‘coloring book’ out- Fantasy Treehouse Art & Architecture

The blurb-

And our short stories don’t always make it through the slush pile, or the final cut for anthologies… So I give you a cheep little short story, a little over 9000 words- Country Boys (and Girls) Will Survive
The blurb-
Shady Rest Mobile Home Park wasn’t anything much… Small, old, and butted up against the Okefenokee swamp, with an ‘eclectic’ group of tenants, it was the target in a long time feud.
DK Thorne, a medically retired Marine, did his best to keep the place afloat and the tenants and county happy, until the local witch said ‘things’ were coming… 
And they did, but country boys and girls know how to survive.
It is live now, for the munificent sum of $.99. 🙂


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  1. The Hunting Stories and the Texas Navy are now on the Kindle.

    I will be checking out the others.

    Thank you for the intel!

  2. Hey Jim;

    “Oh boy, oh boy oh boy…I was waiting the Texas Navy Story. With the Texas Connection, I figured that you would know the Author.

  3. Thanks. For some reason I wasn’t able to buy the Hunting stories from LawDog’s site.

  4. John & Bob, I hope you enjoy the book.

    Jim, thanks for the promo.

  5. Ol’ Lia has been known to walk around the women’s locker room naked with a prominent woody. Which leads one to suspect that he knows he is a he and is just taking advantage of an incredibly stupid society. Complaints have been made. And ignored.

  6. Thank you, JL! I read your work first, and thoroughly enjoyed it (and added a 5-star review on Amazon). I hope we meet these characters again! Bravo zulu!

    Now I’ve got to find the first book in Mr. Brock’s series. That sounds like my kind of fun!

    Thanks again,
    Bob G