This is… damned Yankees…

Members of a Vermont high school girls’ volleyball team have been barred from using their locker room after a transgender teammate allegedly made an unwelcome comment. The players then refused to change in front of the transgender player and are paying for it.

Full article, HERE on PJ Media.

This is so out there I really thought it was a Babylon Bee article when I first heard about it. But…it’s true…

So they are penalizing the entire team and allowing the ‘trans’ to use the entire girls bathroom for itself, while the girls have to take turns changing in a single bathroom.

And this seems to be if not ‘typical’, at least not unusual for the bunch on the east coast/northeast coast. The kids pay for the games being played by the adults to appease the wokies, rather than standing up to them.



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  1. I just finished reading my Bible this morning and let me tell you these so called leaders that are afraid to stand up to these LGBTQ plus woke groups or are doing it for political reasons are going to pay a price for this rediculous rulings that they are making. There should be such an outcry over this decision that it should be heard all over the country. Where have the morals of the country gone? Flushed down the toilet because some wimp kid who cannot compete with the regular boys wants to pretend he is a girl so he can be put on a team and undress and redress in the girls locker room is a p**sy. When I was young a freak like that would have been slapped around and told to grow up.

  2. This athletic competition trans participant issue is getting out of hand. There has got to be a better way.

  3. Time to start the recall petitions for EVERY school board member.
    They only allow this BS to occur because they face no consquences.
    Change that fact and the insanity ceases.

  4. It also shows just how much Vermont has been corrupted and captured by the flatlanders…

  5. The (real) girls should refuse to compete or at least choose to not compete in the school’s uniform until this is rectified.

    Or their parents should beat the shit out of the folks who made the asinine decision.

    Just sayin’

  6. Ignoring for the moment the issue of a biological male competing on an equal basis with biological females, the “solution” is to force 10 girls to share a single stall restroom while the single trans-girl has the sole use of the girls locker room. This is after the trans-girl “allegedly” made an inappropriate comment. Un-f’n-believable.

  7. I agree with B as this will force the school to choose. The Trans will have nothing and will go nowhere. The parents should start after the school board and their members, the school’s admin, and the school district with Law Suits.

  8. Plus the GIRLS are being investigated for harassment and none of them can use the locker room, even for PE, etc.

  9. Thing is, if the girls protest and stop playing, the school will punish them by suspending them and giving them bad conduct marks, which will follow (unlike that juvenile arrest record of your typical bad gang student) them into college or to the military and beyond.

    Loss of everything.

    So, really, short of the parents taking them out of school, the girls can’t protest much farther than they have.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    Unfortunately Beans is correct, the “Wokies” in the school system have the girls over the proverbial barrel and they know it. All is good ” for the Cause mind you. Gotta punish the normies for not comforming”

  11. Great example of when Vigilante Justice is called for. The boys at that school should band together and put a stop to this. The mentally ill trans needs to learn where he is unwelcome the hard way. And guys, hide your faces, wear gloves and stay silent.