If you think the last post was bad…

This one will really trip you off line!!!

Three progressive Queens Councilmembers are co-sponsoring a bill that would permanently abolish the NYPD’s Gang Database as violent crime surges in the Big Apple, including gang related incidents.

According to the Astoria Post, one of the sponsors, Tiffany Caban, said “The gang database is nothing but a dragnet to surveil and criminalize Black and brown New Yorkers, especially youth.”

Full article, HERE from PM.

And if you read her issues paper, it’s even scarier…

  • Defund, and ultimately disband, the NYPD and replace it with a community-led public safety infrastructure
  • Fight to close Rikers Island before 2026 and halt the construction of the borough-based jails proposal
  • Create a citywide bail vouchers program to facilitate the release of incarcerated individuals
  • Remove police from schools, traffic enforcement, homeless outreach, and hospitals

Full link/issues paper HERE!

And she got elected on this!!!



If you think the last post was bad… — 22 Comments

  1. They want to make NYC more dystopian, and force more businesses to leave and more normal people to flee the crime-ridden, filthy, expensive mess that is New York City.

  2. From their pictures and the fact that they are politicians, I can see why they are worried about the fate of black and brown criminals.

  3. This sounds like a page out of my states (Pennsylvania) Lt Gov John Fetterman’s playbook. This clown would love to do this on a national scale and that is why he is running for the US Senate. Anyone who votes for this idiot is dumber that a box of rocks.

    • I live in WV and have been watching this drama play out on the news. That guy is an idiot who can’t even talk!

  4. This is what happen when you import 3rd worlders to your country in massive numbers. Eventually THEY take over and then put THEIR culture in charge.

    This is what her culture believes in, warlords, gang warfare, might makes right, and oppressing/living off of the ‘lesser people’. Killing everyone that doesn’t look like her.

    This is what SHE believes in. She just uses the ‘oppressing brown/black people’ canard because she knows that the left will fall for it. The very left she intends to kill off once her ‘people’ have come to power and starts killing off everyone else.

    This is the inevitable conclusion of all that massive immigration and uncontrolled illegal immigration. This is our government – who thought by importing tens of millions of third world morons they’d stay in power forever – reaping its just deserts: The destruction of our culture and our country being turned into another third world shithole by the mental morons who run all of the other third world shitholes – because they are mentally incapable of creating or running a functioning country.

    The collapse is now progressing at such a fast pace it’s truly amazing to behold. Because I’ll tell you right now, she’s gonna win this. They’ve already done away with Bail. Police are already being done away with everywhere. Crime is hitting record numbers. Race and political beliefs are the only things being tried in courts.

    Welcome to the Democratic Party Paradise. They’ve been pushing this since LBJ was president. It’s just not going to turn out the way they predicted. But then you always had to be something of a third world asshole to vote for them anyways – so only fitting I guess.

    • I don’t know that immigration is that fundamental a part of the problem.

      The thing is, we do train communists /here/, and the communist religion makes communists the most savage and barbaric of any in the world.

      You basically have to look at those Amazon tribes, who are said to have almost destroyed themselves except for the Christian missionaries, to find ‘natural’ savages who are as destructive and anti-peaceful as the communists.

      Immigrants are a problem, because the communist immigrants lack even the sense of American culture that some native communists manage to retain. This makes them a little bit stupider when it comes to their tactics of how they implement horrific evils.

      • “I don’t know that immigration is that fundamental a part of the problem.”

        Immigration is THE major problem. It has ALWAYS been a problem, since our founding. This is almost entirely a function of CULTURE, besides the other important factor of IQ of the immigrants.
        Idiots of the Democratic Party think that due to our “Magic Dirt” here in the US, all people are interchangeable, and there will not be any future problems if they import lots of 3rd worlders to change the voting base in their favor. Culture is not really as malleable as they imagine, but since those on the Left have no concept of human history, and hence don’t study it, they will continue to make really stupid, and evil, decisions.

        If our “magic dirt” actually worked, there would be only one culture here. The fact that every group that has arrived here has maintained there core culture for many generations/essentially forever shows the idiocy of that sort of thinking.

        • For many generations, we also had an answer to immigration, and other issues, that worked.

          If someone refused to fit into the local negotiated consensus between the local cultures, and refused to leave when the other locals decide that the refusal is enough of a problem to request that someone leave, the lone dissenter can be quietly killed.

          Federalizing law enforcement to the current extent introduces a vulnerability.

          That vulnerability was exploited due to a) civil service unions b) civil service c) certain LEO bureaucracies engaging in preferential hiring for lawyers d) remaining LEO bureaucracies giving hired lawyers a great deal of trust e) law schools being in theory coopted by a conspiracy able to manipulate law school graduates.

          Zero immigration would do nothing to fix our problems, because we have a deep and fundamental issue with young Americans choosing to acculturate to the American academic sub culture. Which is heavily communist.

          So, the communist lawyers have too much influence in federal LEO organizations, and effectively enforce a ban on legitimate extrajudicial executions.

          Because we are internally raising barbarians with public schools, and with universities, to include public ‘publicly controlled’ universities in red states.

          These communist barbarians, are a worse degree of barbarians than those that we can import without deliberately trying to import criminals and communists.

          Now, the federal bureaucracies and the Democrats /are/ trying to import criminals and communists, but most federal bureaucracy activities are done badly, and that includes the importation efforts.

          The foreign barbarian issue will go away fast once the federal communist barbarian issue is addressed.

          But, the foreign barbarian issue could disappear without doing anything to address the federal communist barbarian issue.

          • If we threw out all of the illegals and half of the ones who came in since 1965 when they passed unlimited immigration. As wwell as all of the refugees, trust me, things would change radically for the better almost overnight.

  5. “Escape from New York” was supposed to be fiction, not a how to guide.

  6. It’s a really great way to get the crime stats down and erase the gang problem by no longer reporting on it. After all there is no gang problem if there’s no reporting on it, right?

  7. This is why she got elected. Gee, wonder what her constituency is? Mayhaps the very gangs, hoodrats, thugs, prostitutes, dope dealers and users and other low-lifes (well, maybe just their family members who haven’t had their voting rights stripped from them for very bad felony charges, but, then again, it’s NYC, so Everyone Votes…)

    You see the same thing with prosecutors who are elected in. They have to ‘service’ the very community that they are prosecuting (for the most part.) Any wonder why perfectly good cases (from a cop standpoint) go to the prosecutors and die? And why perfectly bad cases (like self-defense shootings) get overly charged and overly prosecuted?

    Overall, not shocked at all. It’s NYC post-Guiliani, so, well, selective carpet bombing wouldn’t be inappropriate.

  8. I say go for it. The cops and courts have rules. The block-by-block lords have none. It’s what they want. It’s what they’ll get.

  9. Had I no concern for the hundreds of thousands of innocents, I’d say, “You go for it; and reap the consequences!”

  10. It is likely that she did not win on that platform. It is likely that she was frauded in.

    It is plausible at this point that the Democrat Party is significantly an extension of certain visibly criminal conspiracies.

    It is a pity for their local victims. But, a lot of the street level criminal conspiracies do not have much ability effectively project power beyond the ‘enforcement deserts’ that have been created for them.

    Vigilante killing is an answer. It is not the most desirable answer. But, it is available even with judges and lawyers colluding to defraud the public of justice.

    One jokes about ‘decriminalize vigilante killings’. On the one hand, some efforts to prosecute vigilante killings are clearly co-conspirators with the deservedly dead criminals. On the other hand, one can clearly only joke about it, because the most violent people with an interest in killing specific criminals are in fact also criminals. Prosecuting crook on crook murders is one of the few remaining tools for limiting the harm done by criminals. It is too valuable a tool to sacrifice entirely on the hope that the utility of vigilante killing would address matters.

  11. All- I really can’t disagree with anyone, but yes, Escape from NY is about to, or already has, become a reality!!!

  12. “Cause and Effect” has always escaped the Liberal mind.
    They don’t realize that when “the system” fails the people will take matters into their own hands.
    Be a good time to have the rope concession in NYFC.

  13. Someone needs to read their L’amour. A town or city will put up with a lot but one night they will suddenly decide they’ve had enough and host a necktie party. Not the best option but at this point inevitable. That or local warlordism and would that really be so bad considering what’s going on? The real problem is those fleeing to red states. How many lefties will take their voting patterns with them and refuse to learn the lesson they have just escaped?

  14. Fleers are only a problem if the Blue states aren’t mostly fraud, and if the fleers are mostly left.

    Also, anywhere there are electronic voting machines, the Dems may be being substantially juiced with fraud, even in ‘Red’ states.

    There’s been a federal department of education for four decades. This means funding everywhere, meaning the Democrats have been able to recruit for fraud everywhere, regardless of how much locals hate their nonsense. If you go looking for people who are corruptable because they chase wealth and power, or can be gaslit and will go along with what those around them say, you can find those anywhere.

    Yes, non-locals can be a problem.

    In particular, non-locals at universities may be responsible for a lot of the false poltical history narratives pushed where the politics of many states are concerned.

    Non-locals are not the be all and end all of the most serious problems now.