No Intarwebz…

Posting from my phone, so we’ll see if this works.

Been off for 24 hours. Possible a bad modem, tech is supposed to be here this morning.

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And check out the new site from

After all they DO have some reviews… snerk…

Still not convinced that is right for you? Then read this authentic customer testimonial:

My life was unbearable before I ordered high-quality merchandise from My wife recently left me, I had just gotten fired from my job, I was losing my hair, and I lived in a cardboard box in a sewer. That all began to change just minutes after ordering one T-shirt and one flag. My new wife is much prettier than my previous one. I make $3 million a year despite working only 10 minutes a day from my new home on my own private island. My hair has even grown back thicker than it was before. Thank you, – you have saved my life!

– Curtis L. Spackleton, Pine Nut, Alabama


No Intarwebz… — 7 Comments

  1. Mr. Spackelton attributes incorrectly. His turnabout wonderment in life is due to to his receiving a small packet of miracle water from an online preacher with a legal team keeping him almost, but nootttt quite making a promise. 🙂

  2. Sorry for the off-topic, but…any idea what the heck is going on with Lawdog’s blog? Been getting a blank page with “bandwidth limit exceeded” for well over two weeks now, if my memory hasn’t failed me. He okay? Is it an attack or something?

  3. Bob- LOL

    Bibliotheca- Yes, he got attacked by Russian bots which killed his entire monthly bandwidth. He’ll be back on 1 Nov, with some ‘changes’ to his bandwidth and protection.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Suggestion if you don’t mind….Use the “HotSpot” on your phone if you have unlimited on your cell network, I have done that in a pinch or two or when I’m traveling for work because I don’t trust the Hotel “Free” guest network, so I rather use my own Hotspot, I know that it is secure and encrypted.