Appears the ‘red wave’ turned out to be a ‘red trickle’…

And things are still up in the air, with it possibly taking until Friday or Saturday in some places to get the votes counted to actually determines who controls what.

I can remember back when we had paper ballots, the votes were counted ON election day, and all results were usually known by midnight if not earlier. Why is it, with all these fancy new technologies, it takes DAYS to get results?

I just don’t get it… (or want to do the digging to find out if what I’m thinking is actually true).

Yes, there has been cheating since the second vote was ever taken, but damn…



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  1. Prices on Fuel-Utilities-Food-Taxes are high and Biden’s popularity is very low. The Economy is the highest concern for all of us.

    But we voted to keep the show going as is ?

    Yeah, makes no sense to me either. Even the Left was puzzled, but very happy they didn’t lose even worse then they did.

  2. Despite the fact that the FBI HAS complete acknowledge of the where-a-bouts, and the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop criminal contents, Hunter Biden has still not been thoroughly investigated, Hunter has not yet been indicted, there has not been any perp-walk, and / or has he been charged.
    Even as more and more news breaks about how the DOJ & FBI criminally suppressed criminal evidence against Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden slips into the background to be forgotten, the focus being placed on the DOJ & FBI. And Hunter Biden HAS STILL NOT BEEN THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED, INDICTED, PERP-WALKED, AND / OR CHARGED. The REAL Question is WHY-NOT?
    And to add insult to injury, and a slap in the faces of Americans, Joey Biden just appointed an MSNBC fake news TV Pundit who spread disinformation and propaganda to protect Hunter! Go Figure!

  3. They have to wait until the CCP is finished scanning the machines and adjusting the votes to their liking. After all the masters in charge of Biden must be obeyed and not upset. After all, their puppet in the White House must be able to do their bidding and that can only be accomplished with control of both houses of Congress. It does not matter which political party is in control as long as the CCP controls both Democrats and RINO Republicans they will still call the shots and how their vassel state of America wil run and what they will be allowed to do.

  4. What was it Stalin said?
    “Who votes is not important. Who COUNTS the votes is.”
    I fear John is right. The Socialists are counting.

  5. Here in the backward little ole UK, we start counting votes at a central point for each area no more than 4 hours after the polls close. Votes are counted and monitored by the candidates and we get results from early in the A.M. onwards. Oh yes, we have a total electorate of 45,325,000.
    Postal votes are available supported by signed applications and a minimum of 20% of the signatures are cross-checked.
    No machines, minimum delays and no run-offs.

  6. Smartphone crap for every single damned thing in the world is a result of massively overhyping a bunch of aspects.

    I would not go so far to say that kids should still be learning typewriters and COBOL in highschool. But, you are metaphorically breaking your kids’ legs if their first computer is a smart phone.

    Electronic voting machines are a similarly unwise and grossly ignorant technical decision. At best.

    • Nothing wrong with COBOL. It’s the 1911 or 30-06 of computing. There are newer toys but it’ll get the job done reliably with minimal fuss.

      • I know a guy who’s company is still based on it.

  7. In most Missouri elections, the results are known. and posted of the Secretary of State’s website by 8PM. That was true in this election…except for the democrat hotbeds of incompetency of St. Louis and Boone County (Columbia, MO) They finally reported their results around 9PM. The state had monitors in both counties.

    The DoJ sent ‘observers’ to Cole County (Jefferson City). They had an escort of MO state troopers to insure the feds didn’t disrupt the process.

  8. In my Illinois county Regular Ballot counts when the polls close. Closing time may be delayed because people will come in to vote at the last minute (voter can take their time when voting). In close races it takes time because of all the edge cases

    1) Provisional ballots need to be verified then rejected or counted
    An example of a provisional ballot is when they request mail in ballot then show up at polling place saying I did not mail it in.
    2) Mail-in ballots (Shocking but USPS does not always deliver on time)

  9. 1) Cull Voter Registration rolls of the dead, the relocated, and foreign nationals.
    2) To register to vote you must pass the same written test foreign nationals must take for citizenship.
    3) Paper ballots only. NO COMPUTER INTERFACE!!
    4) Finger dipped in indelible ink at time of voting.
    5) Ballots counted in public per. BadFrog’s post.
    6) Dems never win nationwide election again.

  10. Yup. The stealection was strong on Tuesday. I mean, in Pennsylvania, even though Oz was favored, it was a runaway for Uncle Fester? And Arizona, seriously, Kari Lake has to compete against the other candidate and the other candidate’s current office of controller of the elections?

  11. If there is any faint encouragement to be taken from this, it might be that the Repubs realise that it is not enough to just be “Not Democrat”.

    We’ve seen that phenomenon here (Au) for decades now. We get a really appalling leftie government, they get booted out….. but the replacements do almost nothing to seriously clean house. The electorate has nothing to cheer about, nothing to get enthusiastic about, no feeling that voting really matters. It’s no more important than changing the menu on the Titanic.

    I think that’s what many found so attractive about Trump. He said out loud what so many were saying to themselves. It looked like change.

  12. On the subject of voting.
    Every eligible person is on the electoral roll.
    At polling – whether by mail, pre-poll or on the day – my name is crossed off. I cannot vote more than once.

    After the close of polling, the physical ballots are counted in the presence of scrutineers (mostly volunteers) from those Parties that wish to provide them.
    There is a chain-of-custody maintained and the physical ballots are secured in case a recount may be required.

    The majority of seats are determined on the night. Because we have a preferential or “ranked” voting system , close races may take a couple of days for all preferences to be redistributed, but it’s not more unless a recount is required.

  13. ANOTHER election that validates that elections MUST be a national holiday or baring that on a weekend day. This election also validates that there are too damn many absentee ballots floating around. If you are going to be out of the country for whatever reason request for absentee MUST be in writing and countersigned by a counselor official or a senior military officer. In my youth, the ONLY early voting was when 2 or more officials from the county clerk’s office went to nursing homes and the like. They for return to the clerk’s office to be counted on took ballots to those folks and the completed ballots were placed in a locked ballot box that was returned to the clerk’s office to be counted on election day. I know this as my dad was a city official but also a poll watcher for any non city elections on election day

  14. The longer a race stays undecided the more time the left has to “find” more ballots…for their side. And the cheating has already been on an industrial scale.

  15. Peter W- The whole ranked voting thing is scary as hell, and it IS being used as a ‘weapon’ in AK to get Murkowski re-elected by the Dems (because she will get enough second place votes from Dems to overcome the Pub’s lead when the third place ranker is dropped.

    George- I like the way you think!

    Dan- Yep, we’ve seen that before!

  16. Jim…
    Preferential voting is nothing more than the equivalent of run-off elections, without having to hold multiple polls.

    There is nothing scary about it, and it allows the Conservatives to field multiple candidates without paying a penalty for splitting the anti-socialist vote.

    • Here in CA, what you get is two Dems listed for a position, and no Repub, so you have a choice of tweadle dee and tweadle dum. How does that help?

  17. The basic principle of preferential voting is that a candidate does not get elected, if the majority hate their guts.

    This video is a little long-winded, but it does explain how the system works in relatively simple terms.

    For Americans.
    “Liberal” = a soft, lefty Republican.
    “Labor” = Democrats
    “Liberal Democrats” = pseudo-Libertarian.

    • More complicated the system, more room to cheat without an average observer noticing.

      Mathematical equivalency or some statistical model is kinda pointless. “If you do the path integrals, then we can show that these probability density functions are simply a transform of the space that we have defined as fair.”

      The basic problem here in the US is that the psychopathic morons don’t understand what frauds are credible to the general population, and are doubling down on murderous will to power.

      There are a wide range of electronic hardware and software technicians and programmers in America, and the way that they operate is wildly different from how lawyers learn to think. The first group, their basic tasks can be deterministic, there are subtle errors that prevent things from working, and you attempt over and over again until you make something that can work, actually work. Second group, you have missing information no matter what, so for that reason even the best work is statistical in effectiveness*. One of the big life saving skills for a lawyer is knowing when to quit. The cost of not quitting is spending the rest of your life doubling down trying to reverse your first loss.

      The lawyers have a hard time understanding the flat “No. Fuck you.” that the techies can respond with to “electronic voting machines are secure” after 2020. The techies were not protesting instantly and immediately for the many years in place, so the lawyers reason that the voting machines were accepted as secure before, and that there is not compelling evidence to change that understanding now.

      There are two fundamental changes on the techie side.

      Techie view, is that nobody really understands what they do. People, generally, have no idea how technology works, and are full of false explanations and magical thinking. The wrong bits that hold your attention most is the mismanagement by your bosses, because they have no idea what you do, and you can safely ignore the vast number of people in general who think that you are wizard casting spells. One, 2020 was a massive hint that the insecurity of electronic voting machines is in no way shape or form safely ignorable. Or, there is an itemizable list of several clues, some of which have massively disrupted technical work.

      Secondly, the politicians talking about state level threat actors wrt elections results in applying an entirely different test to evaluation of the security challenges around voting machines. The maximum levels of national security paranoia about electronic security are wildly different from the routine levels of electronic security paranoia in the civilian world. PRC does some wicked things specifically to screw with the USA, they are frauding falsified components into the national security supply chain, and they could potentially be supplying Democrats with gimmicked voting hardware.

      So, the ordinary layman on the street has a choice of trusting lawyers less, of trusting engineers less, or of trusting both less. IE, this is a specific element of our general massive decline in trust.

      This means that the voting system for resolving disputes is less functional, and the formal legal system for resolving disputes is less functional. Because we still have other options, some violence, and the academics gatekeeping access to the formal legal system are demanding blind trust in them, as opposed to working with us laity to figure out what they can do so that we can trust them.

      The answer is not going to involve demanding we trust more fancy academic stuff.

      We need a simple voting system, that we all understand, and which we all understand what opportunities it allows for cheating, so that we can all observe how present the cheating opportunities are.

      *Note, I am not saying that law is genuinely probabilistic, just that missing information creates risks and uncertainties.

  18. First of all All Voters who are Registered to vote get a free VOTER ID with a randomly generated Voter ID Number on it. That Voter ID number will be put on EVERY ballot that that voter uses. The Voter ID expires the day after the Presidential election and to get a new voter ID you have register to vote again. All voter roles will be purged from the system no more than 7 days after the election. Only paper ballots will be used and MUST be received 8:00PM local time. Early voting can be as much as 30 days in advance. NO votes will be counted that are received after the deadline. Poll watchers of both parties will be allowed to observe the counting process if one sides poll-watchers are removed the election in that state will be declared invalid and no new elections will take place for at least a 2 year period.

  19. “ Why is it, with all these fancy new technologies, it takes DAYS to get results?

    I just don’t get it… (or want to do the digging to find out if what I’m thinking is actually true).”

    This really ain’t all that hard. What’s going on is that different states have different laws pertaining to counting mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots have been used for years (mainly for military) and wasn’t that big of a factor but has gained popularity since COVID.

    Many states don’t allow the counting of mail-in ballots until the polls close in their state. Some (NV I believe) accepts mail-ins that are post dated on Election Day and delivered by the Saturday of that week. Maryland had a law (I think it changed this year) that mail-in votes could not be counted until 10:AM of the Thursday of that week.

    There is no technology that I’m aware of that beats time.