Huh… didn’t know about this one!

Musk is apparently on a roll, if you will…

Elon Musk’s Twitter has slashed its contract workforce by 80 percent with none of the company’s internal teams being notified in advance.

Full article, HERE from Breitbart.

Guess there were a bunch of full timers that were making contractors do their work… So that means Twitter actually had about 12,000 ’employees’, when you count all the contractors.

Interesting… And that could help explain the $4mil a day losses!

One thing I do have to say for Musk, he’s not pulling punches. When he makes a mistake, he’s owning up to it and stating that more will probably follow as he tries to get the costs and functionality under control over there.


Huh… didn’t know about this one! — 10 Comments

  1. I was reading this morning about this story and they had a picture of Musk in that red armor suit for Halloween. The suit had a baphomet head and upside down cross on it. I think he’s telling us without telling us.

  2. From what I’ve read, he gave them notice by telling them to go home and to not to expect a check after the first of February. From my perspective, that a good way to be terminated. In my career of construction, the layoffs were usually right before the holidays, and if it was a good company, you received a turkey.

    • Some gave you nothing, and others just gave you the bird?

  3. In the mid 1990s, a buddy was hired by a dot-com to do management things. He discovered that they really didn’t have a clue about the need to MAKE something, or provide a service to end-users. They really didn’t seem to have a business plan beyond ‘get big, or get gone.’ He was trying to convince them that they really needed to provide SOME sort of goods or services, but even after they hired him, mostly his efforts were met with “you just don’t get it.”
    Fortunately, he died.
    A little while later, the dot-com bubble went ‘POP!’
    All those guys who Got It? Maybe they were getting people their fries, or coffee, or something.
    Twitter is reminiscent of that, as is FTX.
    I’m not a business person, though.

  4. The halloween outfit is from the game series that skyrim is from.

    I think a lot of the talk around it may be trying to scam conservatives for some reason.

    Twitter is useless to harmful anyway. Left seems to be going apeshit over loss of utility for their purposes, so I think the most negative reasonable take on Musk is rooting for injuries.

    Musk’s rockets seem to be unambigiously a good thing.

    The electronic cars OTOH, are in my view a bad thing. And that Senator who is talking about being pissy about Musk’s cars can shove it. electric cars, and self driving cars are terrible ideas, but the blood for that is at least partly on the hands of the federal legislature.

  5. Could ANYBODY be any worse than Pelosi?
    WAS OBAMA any more divisive than Biden has been? Or the halfrican?
    Or Shrillary as Secretary of State? Or Austin as CoJCS?
    Or AOC and Omar in the Congress?

    Trump has served his purpose and has now become counterproductive. Although he is a proven manager who got a WHOLE lotta things right during his tenure, he’s become petulant, paranoid, and a bit too much megalomaniacal.

  6. Elon Musk is a businessman and he has some hatchetmen who are very smart and know how things need to run in order to make a profit. Overhead kills businesses plain and simple. 80% cuts sound about right.

  7. Musk is doing the needful. But the left hates him almost as much as they hate Trump. They will conspire to block all income streams for Twatter. Even Musk can’t afford to run it forever without income.