Add another ammo manufacturer to GA!!!

Bryan County, Georgia is booming right now; the population grew by almost 50% between 2010 and 2020 and Hyundai just broke ground on a massive new factory that’s slated to create 8,100 jobs when it opens in 2025. The car maker isn’t the only company that’s expanding into the county; Ammunition maker Norma Precision just announced a $60-million dollar facility that will be staffed by some 600 workers.

Full article, HERE!

The way things are ‘going’, we may need them…

Just sayin…


Add another ammo manufacturer to GA!!! — 6 Comments

  1. Once upon a time in a much different America, the CT River Valley and Southern New England was home to the majority of firearms manufacturing for the country, with the iconic Smith & Wesson being the latest to GTFO.

  2. If they can get a good workforce, that location has much to offer: It’s near Savannah, a seaport, and both I-16 and I-95 run through Bryan County, so good road access.
    It’s also very near a good regional university, Georgia Southern.
    Also Claxton for fruitcakes, Vidalia for onions, and 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart. (They can have my fruitcake, if they want it, because I’M not gonna eat it.)

  3. Glypto- Yep, and now they are running away from the taxes and changes in the laws…

    Pat- Good points, and NO on the Claxton rocks… 🙂

  4. Fiocchi broke ground yesterday on a new primer plant in Little Rock, Arkansas. Due in operation in 2025.

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