Isn’t that interesting…

Earlier in the week, Dems were saying she should go to Only Fans to earn a living…

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) inches closer to her Democrat opponent Adam Frisch in a tight race to represent Colorado’s Third Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

As of Saturday morning, Boebert unexpectedly took the lead with 162, 040 votes while Frisch has 160, 918 votes, leading by just over 1,000 votes. 

Full article, HERE, but the margin of cheat hasn’t kicked in yet… And they are now saying it may be December before the ‘actual’ outcome is verified.

Why can’t we go back to paper ballots, one day of voting, and count all the #@$%#@% VOTES THE SAME DAY and be done???



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  1. The left will literally CREATE as many fake ballots as they need for their candidate to win. They have done so in DOZENS of races so far.
    TINVOWOOT. There will never be a fair election in America again. Ever.

  2. If you went to the simple method of ‘only votes on the day, except for the military’, the Democrats would never win again. We can manage it in Britain.

  3. Paper Ballots are not a sure way to avoid the big cheat either. Remember it was LBJ that came up with the stuffing of paper ballots in the boxes back when he was in Congress. The Dems have been doing everything they can to cheat ever since. The machines were supposed to end ballot box stuffing but the resourceful cheating Dems found a way to continue to cheat. American elections were even bought with cash, liquor, and other methods as far back as President Washington. Check it out. There has been cheating by both parties from the beginning of our country. Dishonesty has been the role with people for as long as man has existed and will continue at least until Christ returns.

  4. Possibly we should disqualify precincts that refuse to do the job from being included in the total.

    Historical fraud is obviously significant. Note that trust levels, and degree to which politicians involved are would be mass murderers, is slightly relevant when it comes to comparisons to historical events.

  5. For starters, “Dems” as in plural did not say Boebert should go to Only Fans. That would have been 1 person, Kurt Bardella, who later apologized.

    The stolen election card was a well played tool in the attempt of overturning the 2020 election but I think it’s had its day.

    Most people who followed this election saw the outcome within the parameters of most pollings. They also saw what you might call a slow motion ballot counting that reflects precisely what political analysts, credible news outlets, and many Sec of States told us we’d see. We saw votes come in late Tues that while disappointing to Rs, still left many R candidates ahead. But we knew in advance that Dems tend to vote mail in more than Rs. And we were told that several states had different rules in their mail in timeline such as NV accepting ballots post dated Nov 8 and received by Saturday.

    Rs weren’t cheated. They just got their asses kicked.

    • People saw what they wanted to see in the last election. While they allowed some R candidates to win, they didn’t allow R candidate to win in the places that actually mattered in the grand scheme of things.
      For example, in Michigan, my state, they found one township that was totally crooked, only because one person spoke up. And yet the Democrat Sec. of State claimed to have run one of the best elections in our history. Even though boxes of ballots came in at the last minute.
      Oh, yeah, let’s not forget that Michigan was one of the states that was instrumental in winning the presidency. Or that former president Trump had the largest number of votes for an incumbent president ever. And yet somehow, the challenger Biden, managed to come up with just enough votes from the rest of the nation, to beat him.
      And now, just 2 short years later, the same kind of thing happens with the midterms, with the exact number of votes come in, to the exact number of places that they were needed, to ensure the Democrats kept the Senate, no matter what the polls were showing before, seems to be more than just mere coincidence, but instead a deliberate operation on the part of one party to steal yet another election.
      The major thing that I get from this is that the Republicans have not learned how to ensure that the election is run fairly with no interference by the Democrats. They best get their shit together within the next 2 years or they will be facing the same thing again.

    • Yeah, they got their “asses kicked” by miraculous turnouts that only went one way in the same spots where such miracles occurred two years ago.

  6. I’m beyond disgusted at this banana republic chicanery. But what am I saying, we have no republic, which makes us a…


    Find your tribe while you can.

    Wish we could move, but the farm is where it is and I’ll defend it against all comers as long as my parents want to stay.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    I’m disgusted and resigned to the fact that we will never have a free and fair election again until the mail in ballots are eliminated….Thats how the Donks pad the ballots, and this will continue until people no longer care and we go banana republic or people really care and shut down the mail in ballots or they finally open the 4th box.

  9. Don’t overlook incompetence. Colorado elections are overseen by Jena Griswold, Secretary of State. During her first term she has had a 200% turnover in staff. Not only has anyone with a shred of integrity left, those who know where the light switches are left.

  10. I have voted in every election since I turned 18 many, many moons ago. As things appear this moment, this was my last. There is no point in casting a single legitimate ballot that will be erased by literal truckloads of fake / manufactured / mail-in / photocopied / re-scanned / insert your favorite method of cheating here ballots. I have more faith in Zimbabwe’s election process than this one.

  11. I’ve worked the polls a few times. Things that keep the count from happening quickly hereabouts: low staffing; workers who work a partial shift; polls close at 8pm but the line is still literally out the door; the damned machine jammed AGAIN; voters think it helps democracy when they fill in ALL the choices; absentee ballots aren’t delivered to be counted until WAY late in the process; provisional voters have until close-of-business the next day to submit their missing info; Donald Duck is not an acceptable write-in; crazy people delay things by demanding crazy things of poll workers; voters are in the wrong ward because they’re in the wrong CITY; efficiency drops when it’s a 16-hour shift; insufficient caffeine.

  12. RJW, Most of us have been saying, long before 2020 that there were issues with elections in this country and that reform was needed. Many Democrats made the same argument. It seems, however, to have gotten worse. Anecdotally what we on the right see is constant “revelations” of late counted ballots (as opposed to late voting) that almost always benefits the Democrats. After a while you start to wonder.

    For the record I was never convinced that Trump won the last election but I did feel that there were enough inconsistencies that it should at least be investigated. Penn Sec State violating the law and not held accountable. Documented 25k voters in Maricopa county who voted but were not eligible. Problems with voting machines. Ballot counters excluding poll watchers and lying about suspending counting late at night, only to continue after poll watchers had left. All of these are concerns and they largely happened in Democratic areas. If we want to go back to the Obama era, the Black Panther Party intimidating voters outside polling places and then the Obama DOJ dismissing the charges after they’d already been found guilty by a judge.

    Given all this, it was irresponsible of Trump, Guiliani, and Sydney whatsername to go around claiming stolen election without the evidence BUT there obviously needs to be reform. Without reform people stop trusting the results. Right now in Arizona we are waiting for the results of an election in which voting machines failed to work early in the morning on election day when Republicans tend to outnumber Democratic votes, and apparently only in R leaning districts. The election is being overseen by the person running for Governor who refused to recuse herself in spite of a clear conflict of interest. Kari Lake, the R candidate, was banned from Youtube for talking about concerns with the primary which she won. All of this leads to a significantly larger loss of trust in the system.

    So no, it’s not, for most of us, about who won the 2020 presidential election. It’s about trusting the results regardless of who won or lost. No one serious that I was aware of contested the results of either Obama or Clinton elections (although worth noting that Democrats on the J6 committee right now contested the acceptance of electors for GWB in 2000 and 2004). There had been a move to clean up voter rolls and tighten rules but it was opposed by the left as “racist” and so proceeded slowly. Clearly, however, based on the last few years where we haven’t known the results of our elections for days, sometimes weeks, we have problems. Clearly there is significant fraud, regardless of how it affects the actual elections, and that should be prosecuted and addressed in some manner. Calling someone an election denier, as the media and Democrats now constantly do, doesn’t make people more likely to trust the system.

  13. Heresolong, thank you for a respectful and well written take on our electoral process.

    The issue of late vote counting and late bulk arrivals is due to COVID ushering an explosive increase in mail-in ballots along with how laws from different states handle them. Many states forbid the counting of mail-in and absentee ballots until their polls close and some, after all precincts are counted. Maryland had a law that they couldn’t start the count until after 10AM on the following Thursday (that may have change this year as they were haggling over it a few weeks ago). NV allows Election Day post dated that arrives up to the Saturday of that week.

    Mail-ins became a political issue under Trump so it’s fair to say that it’s much more of an attractive alternative with Democrats than Republicans. And this is why a Republican may be in the lead only to see bulk mail-ins pouring in.

    In 2020, Biden won in accordance with the nation’s lawful constitutional process. EVERY state’s election result was certified to be accurate and legitimate by it’s lawfully authorized state official; EVERY official recount that was conducted affirmed the original result; the electoral college count was an accurate reflection of those results in EVERY case, and the electoral vote was publicly tabulated, presented, and affirmed in Congress. THAT IS THE ONLY LEGITIMATE CONSTITUTIONAL PROCESS THAT EXISTS. NO OTHER PROOF IS REQUIRED, NOR EVEN POSSIBLE. ANY DEVIATION FROM THAT PROCESS WOULD BE UNLAWFUL.

    That most definitely includes the deliberate effort of a riled-up mob to stop the final step of the process because they don’t happen to like the outcome.

    NONE of the endless accusations of a stolen election have been backed up with credible supporting evidence. NONE. When there’s no credible evidence that a thing happened, it’s irrational to insist that it must have because no one has produced proof that it didn’t.

    So here’s a question- why did every court in the land, including courts stacked with Trump appointed judges, not side with Trump’s lawyers.

    Answer- Because they never enter any evidence.

    Question- Why did they not enter it?

    Because Trump, Rudy, Tucker, and the endless crowd can stand in front of cameras and rally audiences and lie to them all day long without penalty. But they cannot do it in a courtroom because they’d be disbarred and or charged with a crime.

    And here’s an interesting reality. For 4 years, Trump hammered a message to his supporters that went something like this (not verbatum): “Okay so here’s the deal. If I’m not reelected, that means it was stolen. Got it? If I don’t win, the election was rigged and I want you to get real mad”. Got it?”

    But I think if the GOP would do some soul searching on 2022, they might want to conclude that standing in denial of the issues to voters behind some concept that “they like what we’re doing but we’re getting cheated” ain’t gonna cut it.

  14. Actually the courts all ruled that nobody had any standing to file a suit regarding the election in 2020.
    Regardless that many “swing” states had their election laws(which were the purview of the legislatures) arbitrary changed by secretaries of states and/or courts which were violations of those said state constitutions. You really don’t want to go there.
    And of course the vote count stopping at the same time in several different states, after which the magic after-hours vote-dumps went 100% for the commiecrats. And on and on, and on.
    But the most secure election in history (until the latest of course). Yeah, sure, banana republic time.

  15. Well 07, I have no issue “going there” at all and in fact, welcome you to expound on why the courts rejected these cases based on having no standing.

    To be clear, “standing” or “locus standi” simply means “reason to be heard”.
    When someone believes they have been wronged, cheated, or such they go to court to have it settled and made good (relief). So the judge will try to establish standing- by what reason should you be heard in order to seek relief?

    As in the rigged election lawsuits and such it went something like this:

    Trump defense: We want to sue to have the election repealed.

    Judge: very well, by what reason should you be heard in order to be awarded this relief you ask for?

    Trump defense: Well your Honor, we got nothing.

    Judge: get out of my courtroom.

    Again, lawyers can get on Fox or stand on stage in front of a live audience and sling this horse crap all day and walk away unscathed. But you can’t do it under oath and in a court of law because you will be disbarred and/or prosecuted.

    This is why the multiple lawsuits and court filings never saw the light of day.


    Trump defense: